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WWE Raw Results 27th February 2017, Latest Monday Night Raw winners and video highlights

Goldberg and Kevin Owens face-off, Roman and Strowman break a part of the ring and more.

28 Feb 2017, 09:41 IST
Kevin Owens confronted Goldberg to kick off RAW

Raw took place in Green Bay, Wisconsin tonight. The packed go-home show to Fastlane featured the likes of Kevin Owens, Goldberg, Samoa Joe and Seth Rollins. What did Goldberg have to say to Kevin Owens? Will Seth Rollins make Wrestlemania? Let’s get straight to the results and find out.

Goldberg kicks off RAW

RAW kicks off with Goldberg. The crowd greeted Goldberg with a huge pop as he headed to the ring in trademark fashion. Goldberg came out and said he was tired of Owens always running his mouth. He then went on to say he was in a good mood because he would win the WWE Universal Championship on Sunday before heading to ‘Mania and wrestling Brock Lesnar at which point the fans booed. 

Goldberg added that he had made a promise to his wife and son that he would bring home the title before saying he’d see Owens on Sunday. As Goldberg motioned to leave, Kevin Owens’ music hit. Owens said that he made a promise to take WWE by the scruff of the neck and went on to say that he did that by beating Cena, Styles and Reigns, among others. He mentioned Jericho's name too but then said that he didn't even matter. Owens then called the crowd sheep and amidst boos, he told Goldberg 'He's next' in the evolution of Kevin Owens.

Owens finished off by telling Goldberg that this Sunday, the Goldberg chants would die.

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