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WWE RAW Results 28th August 2017, Latest Monday Night Raw winners and video highlights

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The promo battle between Reigns and Cena is one to remember for the ages

RAW was an excellent show this week that saw a multitude of events occur even without the presence of two big superstars in Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe. See what you missed below!

The Miz gets taken by a surprise announcement

The Miz didn't expect the night to start off the way it did

The Miz was already in the ring when the show started along with The Miztourage. He said one word: "Respect", and was immediately cut off by Kurt Angle's music.

Angle said that he understood why Miz was frustrated about his status as Intercontinental Champion. He said that it would be defended at No Mercy and before he could make any further announcement, The Miz cut him off and told Angle he was disrespecting him.

Angle told The Miz that he would be defending the Intercontinental Championship next week on RAW. His opponent was to be decided in a 15-man over-the-top Battle Royale!

15-man Battle Royal - Intercontinental Championship #1 contenders match

15 high-level competitors took part in a Battle Royal to face The Miz

The first to come out was a clean-shaven Big Show. It was followed up by The Hardy Boyz and then Finn Balor. The Miztourage were in the Battle Royale as well, as per Kurt Angle.

The entire ring of superstars threw out Curt Hawkins first. They all turned their backs to The Big Show, and a whole bunch of them started jumping The Big Show but got pushed away altogether.

The Miztourage eliminated Kalisto. Big Show was dominating the men in the ring, giving chest slap after chest slap. Gallows and Andrson caught The Big Show and tried to use teamwork to eliminate Big Show. It was Finn Balor of all people who joined them in eliminating Big Show.

After this, the trio stared down and teased a Bullet Club reunion. However, it didn't matter to Elias, who took out Balor while Gallows & Anderson went on to other opponents.

R-Truth was the next to get eliminated by The Miztourage. The duo nearly eliminated Finn Balor with help from Elias, but the former Universal Champion escaped just on time.

Gallows & Anderson eliminated Goldust with some good team work. Apollo Crews was eliminated during the break. Luke Gallows was eliminated by Matt Hardy. Anderson thought he eliminated Matt, but he failed. The two superstars battled on the apron and Matt managed to get him eliminated.

Gallows pulled Matt's legs from under, eliminating him. They attacked him until the referees pulled them away. Meanwhile, The Miz attacked Balor and Jeff Hardy to help The Miztourage.

Balor was very close to eliminating Elias, who hung on by his fingers to save himself. Jeff Hardy and Finn Balor had an interesting stare down, teasing a potential match in the future. Balor dropkicked Jeff Hardy and then Bray Wyatt came out of nowhere, threw Balor out and disappeared, much to the shock of the former Universal Champion.

Back in the ring, Jason Jordan was on fire until he got double teamed by The Miztourage. He ended up eliminating The Miztourage followed by Elias. However, Jeff Hardy took advantage and eliminated Kurt Angle's son, becoming the #1 contender in the process.

Jeff Hardy won the Battle Royal to face The Miz for the Intercontinental Championship next week

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