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WWE RAW Results February 13th 2017, Latest RAW winners and video highlights

An eventful episode of RAW saw the shocking end to a beloved friendship, the start of a feud and the women main eventing once again

Samoa Joe made his presence known on RAW

Stephanie McMahon gets confronted by The Big Dog

Stephanie McMahon was interrupted by The Big Dog

Stephanie McMahon kicked off RAW.  She “apologised” for Mick Foley “embarrassing himself” at Samoa Joe’s contract signing. Roman Reigns then came out and said that he didn’t want to wait till Fastlane,  and he wanted Braun Strowman. She said that Braun Strowman was in action as he faced Mark Henry later in the night. 

Roman implied that he would interfere, and Stephanie threatened him not to. Gallows & Anderson came out and said that they couldn’t take hearing Reigns disrespecting Stephanie. Gallows then challenged Roman to a 2-on-1 handicap match, and Stephanie “honoured” Teddy Long(who was just announced as a Hall Of Fame inductee) and made the handicap match.

Just as the Tag Team Champions were walking towards the ring, Reigns came out and started assaulting them both.

Gallows & Anderson vs Roman Reigns – 2-on-1 Handicap match

Did the numbers game prove too much for Roman Reigns?

The match had already begun after the break. Anderson dominated Reigns but it didn’t take long for Reigns to flip the switch. The numbers game began getting the better of Reigns, and as Gallows and Anderson were viciously attacking Reigns, the match was called off in a disqualification.

The Tag Team Champions tried to hit the magic killer on Reigns, but Reigns escaped and cleared the ring.

Roman Reigns defeated Gallows & Anderson by disqualification

A clip of Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho was shown leading up to their “Festival of Friendship”

Kofi Kingston vs Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas was not impressed by New Day’s ice cream blueprint?

The New Day came out starting a promo about how they had a blueprint for ice cream. They started the match, and Bo Dallas snatched the “Ice cream blueprint” from Xavier Woods and ripped it in half, much to the disdain of Xavier and Big E. 

Bo almost got the better of Kofi Kingston with a neck breaker from the top rope.  Kofi ended up winning after hitting the SOS. They poured Booty-Os over Bo Dallas’ face.

Kofi Kingston defeated Bo Dallas

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