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WWE RAW Results May 27th, 2019: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Monday Night RAW

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28 May 2019, 08:40 IST

Will Brock go to Super Showdown as champion?
Will Brock go to Super Showdown as champion?

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman were backstage as the show kicked off and they were set to announce who Lesnar would cash in on, later in the night. Kofi Kingston kicked off the show and said he was there so Brock would challenge him instead of Rollins.

Seth Rollins showed up and said he didn't want to wait around either to find out who Brock wanted to face and called him out. Brock came out to some weird dance music and was carrying a 'Beast Box', the MITB briefcase that had been modified into a portable stereo.

Brock then played the two champions' entrances on his new toy and Seth was on his way out, thanks to the nonsense.

Heyman and Lesnar were annoyed by Rollins' departure and postponed the announcement, blaming the Universal Champion for the delay. Brock walked out and Dolph Ziggler attacked Kofi from behind. Xavier Woods rushed to the ring and took out Ziggler before he could do much damage to Kofi.

Kofi was being escorted out by Woods and some officials when Ziggler attacked again but Woods dragged Dolph to the ring and the two started brawling. They spilled over the barricades and into the stands with Woods in control but Dolph sent him into the steel steps and then hit him with a steel chair.

Ziggler decimated Woods with the steel chair and set it up on his head when Kofi came out with a chair of his own. Dolph fled the scene as Kofi made his way to ringside and we headed for commercials.

We returned to see Dolph on the mic as he threatened Kofi's title at Super Showdown because it should've been him, apparently.


Segment rating: A

The Usos were throwing a party backstage and Shane was getting ready to face his surprise opponent.

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