WWE RAW Results: Mysterious debut; former World Champ quits; top team breaks up

We got some big surprises on WWE RAW with a former champ quitting the brand and the arrival of Uncle Howdy!
We got some big surprises on WWE RAW with a former champ quitting the brand and the arrival of Uncle Howdy! [Screenshots from WWE RAW on sony liv]

Seth Rollins was back on WWE RAW and opened the show in an all-white outfit. He said that he wanted the World Heavyweight Championship back and looked at the Money in the Bank briefcases very intently, hinting at his plan to secure it.

Current World Heavyweight Champion Damian Priest showed up and welcomed Rollins back on RAW before saying that it wasn't Monday Night Rollins anymore since The Judgment Day took over.

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Seth asked Damian what kind of champ he wanted to be and noted that they were a lot alike, comparing The SHIELD to The Judgment Day and that they both cashed in the Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania to win their first World Titles. Damian said that they should have a title match at Money in the Bank, and The Visionary accepted the challenge before RAW continued.

WWE Monday Night RAW Results (June 17, 2024):

  • Braun Strowman def. Chad Gable
  • IYO SKY def. Kiana James & Zelina Vega
  • Carlito def. Dragon Lee
  • Katana Chance & Kayden Carter def. Damage CTRL
  • Sheamus def. Bron Breakker via DQ
  • Jey Uso def. Rey Mysterio & Finn Balor

Chad Gable was not happy and accosted his teammates for causing him to lose the title match at Clash at the Castle and Adam Pearce told him to head to the back of the line since he had squandered too many title opportunities.

WWE RAW Results: Braun Strowman vs. Chad Gable

Braun Strowman had the early advantage and clobbered Chad Gable before tossing him around the ring and hitting a big boot. Braun yelled that he hated bullies before sending Gable outside with a clothesline.

Strowman ran around the ring and was about to tackle Gable, but the latter dragged Akira Tozawa in his way. Strowman tossed Tozawa at Gable before the latter tried for a spinning DDT in the ring. Braun countered into a powerslam and picked up the win.

Result: Braun Strowman def. Chad Gable

Gable was furious after the match and was yelling at The Alpha Academy once more. Otis and Gable had a staredown after the latter tossed Maxxine's crutches out of the ring. Otis ripped his shirt off and shoved Chad down in the corner before leaving with the rest of the crew.

Grade: C

The Judgment Day was at their clubhouse, and Dominik Mysterio was looking for his jacket as they got ready for a match later in the night.

WWE RAW Results: IYO SKY vs. Kiana James vs. Zelina Vega - Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Kiana James and Zelina Vega isolated the former Women's Champ early in the match and beat her down before Zelina turned on Kiana and sent her outside. IYO SKY took Kiana out at ringside with an Asai Moonsault before Zelina took SKY out with a Meteora.

Back in the ring, IYO took a double superplex before both opponents tried to pin her at the same time. Vega got a 619 on SKY before getting another near fall with the Code Red.

Liv Morgan showed up in Dominik's cow print vest jacket, and the distraction allowed IYO to take her opponents down with running knees. SKY hit the over the moonsault and picked up the win.

Result: IYO SKY def. Kiana James & Zelina Vega

Grade: B

Sami Zayn was out next and wanted to find his next title challenger when Bron Breakker showed up. He said that he's left a long list of bodies in his wake, and Sami was next. He wanted the Intercontinental Championship. Sami held the title up to Bron's face and was about to respond when Sheamus showed up.

Sheamus said that he had been chasing the IC title for the last five years and felt like he was next in line. Bron got really mad and said that no one cared about Sheamus and that he would "kick his *ss" for standing in his way.

The Celtic Warrior called Bron 'the new kid' and told him to get back to the back of the line before Sami said that the two of them needed to sort it out. The champ said that he was going to get Adam Pearce to book a match between the two, and the winner would get a title match.

The new Women's Tag Champions, The Unholy Union, were backstage when Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark challenged them.

WWE RAW Results: Dragon Lee vs. Carlito

Dragon Lee was in control early on but was sent outside before Carlito drove him into the barricades. Carlito went over to Rey Mysterio and the LWO to taunt them before Lee used the distraction to hit a Rana, tossing him off the apron.

As the match went on, the commentary team noted that Dom's purple cow print vest was missing, and Liv Morgan walked out wearing it. Zelina Vega attacked Liv from behind, and a brawl broke out between The Judgment Day and The LWO. Carlito used the distraction to hit a backstabber in the corner and pick up the win.

Result: Carlito def. Dragon Lee

Grade: B

Gable confronted Otis backstage and saw that they were packing. Otis said that they were done and that they were leaving. Otis, Akira Tozawa, and Maxxine Dupri left, and Chad got even angrier before saying that he would win Money in the Bank and become a world champion to prove himself.

Drew McIntyre was out next, and the crowd chanted CM Punk, making him quite upset. Drew said that he 'couldn't do it anymore' and "sc*ew this company" before saying, "I Quit," and walking out. Adam Pearce walked out to talk to him but Drew walked off backstage as we headed for a break.

WWE RAW Results: Damage CTRL vs. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter

Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai attacked Katana Chance and Kayden Carter right off the bat, and as the match went on, Dakota was isolated by the duo, who hit a big double-team splash from the apron to the floor. Back in the ring, Kairi got the Insane Elbow on Carter for a near fall before kicking Chance out of the ring for breaking the pin.

Carter was isolated in the ring and managed to come back with a kick before making the tag to Chance. Kairi was sent outside the ring, and Carter and Chance hit the after-party on Dakota before getting the win.

Result: Katana Chance & Kayden Carter def. Damage CTRL

Grade: B-

WWE RAW Results: Sheamus vs. Bron Breakker

Sheamus was sent outside early on, and Bron Breakker hit a flying clothesline from the ring, sending them both through the announce desk. After a break on RAW, Bron got another takedown in the ring but took a running knee to the face.

Sheamus hit 10 Beats of the Bodhran and was getting ready for the Brogue Kick when Ludwig Kaiser showed up and attacked him from the apron. The match was called a Disqualification, and The Celtic Warrior took Kaiser out and sent him over the barricades before Bron took Sheamus out with a spear.

Result: Sheamus def. Bron Breakker via DQ

After Bron left, Kaiser attacked Sheamus once more and was about to kick his injured knee against the ring steps but Bron came back and took Ludwig down with a spear. Bron then attacked Sami Zayn and the two had to be separated before RAW moved on.

Grade: B+

Dominik was looking for his vest backstage when he ran into Liv, who was wearing it. Mysterio demanded it back, and Liv told him to 'take it off her.' Dom awkwardly started to retrieve his jacket, and Damian Priest walked up at the exact same moment. Dom got even more flustered and quickly ran off with his jacket before Damian told Liv Morgan to leave Dom alone.

Karrion Kross and The New Day cut backstage promos calling each other out, setting up a one-on-one match between Kross and Kofi Kingston next week.

WWE RAW Results: Jey Uso vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Finn Balor - Money in the Bank Qualifying Match

Rey Mysterio and Finn Balor somehow teamed up on Jey Uso early on, and Mysterio took Finn out with a dive to the outside as the match went on. Back after a break, Balor had control of the match and locked in a headlock on Uso before tossing him outside to focus on Mysterio.

Balor dodged the 619 and Uso hit him with a Pele kick before Mysterio caught Finn with two 619s back to back. Uso took another 619 and then a double 619 on Uso and Balor before Dominik interfered and got knocked off the apron.

JD McDonagh and Carlito came in and took Rey down before Braun Strowman came in and chased The Judgment Day off into the crowd. Back in the ring, Balor got the Coup de Grace on Rey but Uso came in with the splash on Finn at the last second and got the win.

Result: Jey Uso def. Rey Mysterio & Finn Balor

Grade: B+

The ring went dark, and we got to see a brightly lit doorway, and someone walked or rather crawled out of it. We saw a lantern on the ground, and a woman in a mask crawled towards it before the cameras saw a man in a bunny mask and another in dreadlocks as we saw the whole crew and the superstars, including Chad Gable, lying on the floor, bleeding.

There were three masked assailants as Uncle Howdy showed up and led them to the entrance ramp where the masked woman was waiting in front of the lantern. Howdy picked up the lantern and said "We're Here" before everything went dark and RAW went off the air.

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