WWE RAW Results: Suspended superstar interrupts match; female star kisses Dominik Mysterio; legend attacked

We got some big surprises on WWE RAW tonight with a big twist for Judgment Day!
We got some big surprises on WWE RAW tonight with a big twist for Judgment Day! [Image credits: screenshot from WWE RAW live coverage on Sony Liv]

We got another great episode of WWE RAW tonight with some great segments and a big title match main event. Bron Breakker returned despite being suspended and caused chaos while Rey Mysterio was taken out by Damian Priest.

WWE RAW Results (May 27, 2024):

  • Braun Strowman def. JD McDonagh
  • Ricochet def. Ilja Dragunov via DQ
  • AOP def. The Creed Brothers
  • Lyra Valkyria def. Kairi Sane
  • Rey Mysterio def. Carlito
  • Bronson Reed def. Otis
  • Liv Morgan def. Becky Lynch to retain the WWE Women's Championship

Gunther kicked off RAW and, after celebrating his King of the Ring win, said that he would be challenging Damian Priest for the World Heavyweight Championship. He recalled his historic Intercontinental Championship run before saying that Damian took a shortcut to win the title.

Priest came out and said that he earned his Money in the Bank contract and won the title fair and square. The two bickered for a bit before Drew McIntyre came out and after a quick jab at CM Punk, reminded us that he was the No.1 Contender.

Gunther left the ring, saying that he didn't want to be part of this before Drew got on the mic and said that in Scotland, there would be no way for Priest to win. Priest laughed at his threats and took some shots at Drew, angering him before Braun Strowman showed up.

Drew left the ring as Braun got in Damian's face, and we headed for the first match of the night.

WWE RAW Results: Braun Strowman vs. JD McDonagh

Braun Strowman lifted JD McDonagh right off the bat, but the latter managed to slip away. Strowman managed to hit a big slam and toss him all the way across the ring. JD was being manhandled in the ring and took a massive chop before being tackled in the corner.

JD dodged a splash in the corner as Strowman went into the ring post and fell outside. McDonagh came in with a chop block on the apron before Strowman hit another big hip toss in the ring. Strowman ran him down with a tackle before Finn Balor got on the apron, and Strowman tossed him in the ring.

Carlito came in and attacked Strowman but got taken out on the apron as JD tried to attack him with a headbutt from behind. Strowman shrugged it off and hit the power slam before getting the win.

Result: Braun Strowman def. JD McDonagh on RAW

Carlito and Balor attacked Strowman after the match, but both were tossed outside the ring. JD came back with a steel chair and hit Braun with it, but the latter shrugged it off and chased after McDonagh, who swiftly ran away.

Grade: B

WWE RAW Results: Ricochet vs. Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov had the early advantage and attacked the injured ribs before getting some big suplexes and a running knee. Ricochet came back with a moonsault but took a boot to the face, followed by the Constantine Special.

Ricochet countered the H-Bomb and hit the recoil before dropping Ilja Dragunov off the top rope and hitting a shooting star. Bron Breakker attacked Ricochet mid-match and, despite being suspended, took Ricochet out with a spear.

Result: Ricochet def. Ilja Dragunov via DQ

Ilja tried to take Breakker down after the bell, but the latter took him out with a spear. Adam Pearce came out and yelled at Bron, but Breakker just smiled while slowly walking out of the ring.

Grade: B

Karrion Kross was trying to recruit Xavier Woods, but he wanted him to leave The New Day. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston told him off, and they set up a future tag match.

WWE RAW Results: AOP vs. The Creed Brothers

AOP attacked the Creeds right off the bat and after the bell, Akam and Rezar isolated Brutus in the ring. Brutus took an assisted knee to the face from Rezar before Akam came back off the tag and kicked him in the face.

Julius Creed was tagged in and got some big suplexes before hitting a moonsault. He lifted Akam, but Scarlett attacked Ivy Nile at ringside and took her out. The distraction allowed AOP to attack Julius with their finisher for the win.

Result: AOP def. The Creed Brothers on RAW

Grade: C

Sheamus was out next and said that he was cleared to compete after suffering a knee injury thanks to Ludwig Kaiser's attack. He called Kaiser out and said that he was going to get payback.

Kaiser showed up on the Titantron and mocked him before Sheamus ran out to find him backstage. Ludwig attacked Sheamus as they headed backstage, and the two fought their way to the ringside area before officials came out and stopped the fight.

WWE RAW Results: Kairi Sane vs. Lyra Valkyria

Lyra Valkyria got a big kick early on, but her injuries slowed her down. Kairi Sane got some big kicks to the injured ribs before getting the sliding forearm and a double stomp to the gut for a near fall.

Sane got another big double stomp in the corner before going for the insane elbow. Lyra got her feet up and blocked the elbow before getting the win.

Result: Lyra Valkyria def. Kairi Sane

Grade: C

Damian Priest and The Judgment Day were backstage while JD was still on the run from Braun. Dominik showed up, and Priest asked him what he was up to. Dom replied that he messed up on Saturday and had to talk to Rhea Ripley about it before the group headed out.

IYO SKY learned that Kairi lost to Valkyria and got really angry, smashing a lamp before storming off.

WWE RAW Results: Carlito vs. Rey Mysterio

Carlito rolled out of the ring early on before Rey Mysterio snuck up behind him and sent him back inside. Carlito set Rey up on the ropes in the Tree of Woe and hit a big dropkick before we headed for a break.

Back on RAW, Carlito took Rey out and countered a sunset flip into a facebuster. Rey took a superplex before Finn Balor attacked Dragon Lee at ringside. Rey came back with a seated senton and got the 619 before picking up the win with the frog splash.

Result: Rey Mysterio def. Carlito on RAW

Rey attacked Balor after the match, but before the LWO could put him through the announce desk, Damian Priest attacked Rey. Dragon Lee took the Razor's Edge/Broken Arrow before Rey took a superkick and the South of Heaven before going down.

Grade: B

WWE RAW Results: Bronson Reed vs. Otis

Otis was sent outside before coming back with a big crossbody. Otis was trying for the worm but Chad Gable got on the apron and stopped him. Bronson Reed came in off the distraction and took Otis out before getting the Tsunami for the win.

Result: Bronson Reed def. Otis on RAW

Gable called Otis back to the ring and called the rest of Alpha Academy out for an impromptu meeting.

Grade: C

Gable said that Otis and the others lacked discipline, and he was going to show them discipline. Gable took his belt off and told Otis to grab the ropes before hitting him with the belt.

Maxxine Dupri stopped him but Gable sent her away before Sami Zayn walked out and got in the ring. Sami called Gable a "weak little man" and said that he always blames others after coming up short.

Gable yelled at all of them and was about to hit Otis, but Sami took the belt away and asked Otis what he was going to do. Sami was trying to tell Otis to follow his heart when Gable attacked him. Sami fought back, and Otis broke it up before Gable got a German Suplex on the Intercontinental Champ.

Gable unloaded on Sami on the mat before taunting him with the title belt. The crowd chanted, "Let's got Otis," but Otis slowly headed out and followed Gable and Akira Tozawa to the back.

Shayna Baszler and Zoey Stark were backstage when Sonya Deville walked up and said that they needed her help to win the tag titles. Alba Fyre and Isla Dawn showed up as well and made fun of the duo before RAW continued.

WWE RAW Results: Liv Morgan (c) vs. Becky Lynch - Steel Cage match for the Women's Championship

Becky Lynch was sent into the cage wall early on before Liv Morgan dragged her face across it. Becky came back with some big strikes and kicks against the chain link walls of the cage before Liv dodged a dropkick, and The Man ran into it herself.

Liv tried to climb the cage before Becky met her at the top and hit a superplex. The two climbed back up to the top of the steel cage before Morgan hit a big rope-assisted powerbomb. Becky tried for a disarm-her but was shoved into the cage wall before Dominik Mysterio came back out and opened the cage door.

Becky was telling Dom to get out as Balor and JD came out to stop Dom from messing things up further. Braun Strowman ran out after JD and ran through Dominik, sending him into the steel cage door, which hit Becky in the face. Liv used the distraction to escape the cage and win the match!

Result: Liv Morgan def. Becky Lynch to retain the WWE Women's Championship

Grade: A

Just as Liv ran out of the ring, she ran into Dominik. The two exchanged a heated glance, but Morgan suddenly grabbed Mysterio's face and kissed him. The kiss lingered, but he pretended to be offended and pushed her off as RAW went off the air.