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WWE RAW: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly 

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Baron Corbin debuts his new haircut on RAW

We break down the best, the worst, and the downright ugliest moments on the latest edition of WWE RAW.

The Good - Baron Corbin's Hair

Let's face it. Baron Corbin desperately needed a change and he came out for this evening's RAW looking like a brand new man, a huge accomplishment for a Superstar that, as of late, barely garners any attention. Gone is the throwback balding metal head look, which essentially served as a metaphor for his current WWE run. He had hair; but, not really, just like he was once the future of the WWE; but, not really.

Corbin can still turn things around. Blessed with a plethora of potential and athletic ability, he can still be the Superstar that won last year's Money in the Bank, the Superstar with an inevitable world title reign in front of him. Let's hope Corbin's new look signifies a more serious & business like RAW Constable, capable of making waves and causing a fair share of chaos on his own.

The Good - Women's Fatal 4-Way Match

RAW Women's Fatal 4-Way

What a way to start RAW! These four women (Alexa Bliss, Sasha Banks, Natalya, and Ember Moon) left everything in the ring to put on one of the best RAW matches of the year. The Fatal 4-Way featured high spot after high spot, a reversal after reversal and gravity-defying suicide dives that left viewers in awe. These women arguably stole tonight's show amid well deserved "This is Awesome" chants from the Arkansas audience.

The Good - Elias' Seth Rollins Ditty

Elias mic drops Seth Rollins with a catchy tune

Elias came out to a chorus of boos and did what he does best: performed. Elias mic dropped his Money in the Bank opponent, Seth Rollins, with lyrics like, "Seth Freaking I supposed to think that's cool? You do cross fit so I know you're a tool."

Elias also revealed that he is personal friends with John Mayer, who gifted him a special acoustic guitar featuring Intercontinental Championship artwork. Before Rollins curb stomped Elias' newfound prized possession, Elias pleaded with the Intercontinental Champion and said of Mayer, "He's got a lot of good songs." Anyone so close to John Mayer is obviously one hell of a heel.

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