"WWE RETURN CONFIRMED" - Wrestling Fans spot potential clue in Survivor Series graphic 

Will Sasha Banks return ahead of War Games?
Will Sasha Banks return ahead of War Games?

WWE presents Survivor Series: War Games on Saturday night, and there is still one open slot on Bianca Belair's War Games team ahead of the show.

It was believed that Candice LeRae would be the woman to take the slot in the match, but the commentary team has noted that the star was injured several weeks ago.

The graphic for the match has already been released, and many fans have picked up on the fact that the person who is missing from the match has blue hair. This has led to several theories that Sasha Banks could finally be making her return to align with Bianca Belair inside War Games.

@obeyymarcos7 @Fightful has a bit of blue hair too I think. SASHA BANKS TO WWE RETURN CONFIRMED

Banks hasn't wrestled for WWE since May, when she walked out of the company alongside Naomi. That being said, rumors suggest she could be on her way back after Triple H's takeover.

Omg I see blue hair as the mystery person on team Bianca 🔥 I'm betting it's gonna be Sasha Banks well I'm hoping 💙

Sasha Banks isn't the only former WWE Superstar with blue hair at the moment

While Sasha Banks seems like the most obvious choice for a return at Survivor Series if Bianca Belair is unable to find a fifth member, the WWE Universe has allowed their imagination to run wild.

Solved the mystery!

It appears that The Boss isn't the only female wrestler with blue hair. Fans have pointed out that AJ Lee recently shared an update on her Instagram where she revealed that she now also has blue hair.

While fans would love to welcome AJ Lee back for the first time in seven years, it's unlikely she will be the woman welcomed into Bianca Belair's team. It's also not likely that she would give such a big clue away online.

Can you think of any other women who could return to align with Bianca Belair at War Games? Have your say in the comments section below...

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