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Ric Flair on the Stonecold Podcast: Talks turbulent childhood, quitting pro wrestling, Vince and more

Omkar Sohoni
715   //    12 Jan 2016, 19:00 IST
The Nature Boy with the Rattlesnake

– Ric Flair is arguably one of the most acclaimed performers in the WWE and pro wrestling history.

Flair, who is the only two-time Hall of Famer, is also a 16 time World Heavyweight Champion. Ric Flair has wrestled over generations and is one of the top names in the wrestling industry.

He is as influential outside the ring as he was in it, and is currently involved in a storyline with his daughter Charlotte and Becky Lynch. Ric Flair spoke with Stone Cold Steve Austin on his pre-recorded – the Stone Cold Podcast – for the WWE Network.

On his childhood

Ric Flair said that he was stolen from the hospital as a baby and has never known his real parents.

He said that he was sent to an orphanage and was adopted at the age of 10. He added that he never tried to find out who his real parents were and praised his parents who adopted him and gave him a great life. He said that he was somewhat of a nuisance child and was mostly in detention.

He also tried to buy liquor being underaged and used to steal his parents motorcycle and car for a drive.

On His early pro wrestling days and Dusty Rhodes

Ric Flair revealed that he wanted to quit pro-wrestling just two days after giving tryouts.

He said that it was Vergne Gagne who made him get back to wrestling. He also talked about his plane crash, where he severely injured his back but started wrestling just after 8 months. He revealed that he was paid as much as 1000$ a week – which was some serious money back then.

He said that he wanted a gimmick as Dusty Rhodes’ brother but came up with Ric Flair after it was declined. Austin also spoke about his legendary feud with Dusty for the World Heavyweight Championship.

On coming to the WWE and Vince McMahon

Ric Flair said that coming to the WWE was an unreal and a humbling experience. He said that he hated it when he first came into the WWE, nobody recognized him after he cut his hair. He also remembered having matches with legendary superstars such as Hulk Hogan, The Undertaker, and Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

He also said that he wrestled Randy Savage during his first WWE run. He spoke about Vince McMahon and how great it was meeting him. He said that he did not know that Vince was going to make him the WWE Champion and said that Vince only told him that he is going to make Flair a lot of money.

On his relationship with Triple H

Triple H gave an astounding speech while inducting Ric Flair into the Hall of Fame. Ric Flair said that Triple H is his best friend and he was the first person he called when his son Reid passed away.

He said that Triple H is an extremely hard worker and also praised him for the way he runs NXT. He revealed that he did not encourage Charlotte to get into the business, but knew that Triple H would definitely take care of her. 

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