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WWE Roadblock 2016: Biggest winners and losers

WWE's last PPV of the year both pleased and disappointed at the same time.

Sasha Banks and Charlotte tore the house down

WWE Roadblock 2016 wasn’t very hotly anticipated by neither fans nor critics but the show ended up being a huge surprise. The matches were enthralling from beginning to end, other than a certain triple threat match which didn’t get any love from the crowd.

The headlines on the show delivered, as did the opening match which got the crowd hot for the rest of the show. With the show having ended just a couple of hours ago, let’s take a look at the winners and losers from Roadblock 2016 before we gear up for the next episode of WWE Raw.

Loser #4: The New Day

The New Day didn’t have a good night at Roadblock

The New Day spent the last couple of months trudging their way to breaking Demolition’s record while they held onto the Raw Tag-Team Championships by hook or by crook. They finally broke the record earlier this week after holding onto the titles on Raw last week despite defending their titles twice on the night.

However, New Day losing the titles less than a week after breaking Demolition’s record doesn’t look good. It proves what fans have believed for the last few months to be true – that they were just holding onto the belts to break Demolition’s record to wipe them from the top of the record books.

New Day should have retained the titles at Roadblock to cement their run and cold have finally lost the titles after more buildup and on a bigger stage like the Royal Rumble.

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