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WWE/ROH News: ROH COO Joe Koff says he would welcome Daniel Bryan

Malcolm Tyde
17.24K   //    15 Oct 2017, 12:51 IST

Koff says he'd welcome Bryan back

What's the story?

In a recent interview with the AV Club Ring of Honor (ROH) COO, Joe Koff said he would welcome Daniel Bryan back if he chooses not to renew his contract once it expires in September next year, provided he is fit to wrestle.

However, he admitted that there were many variables involved.

Koff also elaborated on why he doesn't find the term 'Indie wrestling' derogatory.

In case you didn't know...

Daniel Bryan, or Bryan Danielson as he was known back in ROH, is widely accepted as one of the 'founding fathers' of the promotion. He won the ROH championship in 2005 after joining the indie promotion in 2002.

Bryan ended up joining the WWE in 2009 and announced his retirement in 2016 on Twitter, citing medical reasons. Fans have been aching to see Bryan wrestle since and the rumours have been plentiful. Bryan is currently the General Manager of SmackDown Live. His current contract will expire in September 2016.

The heart of the matter

When asked about the odds of Bryan returning, Koff said that he wouldn't even know how to set them but maintained that ROH would keep its doors open come September. Here's what he said,

"Bryan's under contract with the WWE, from what I understand, until September 2018. If he chooses not to renew that contract, and he is able to wrestle from a health standpoint, I would welcome him. It would be a triumphant return. I think we would be the right place for him, the right fan appreciation, the right respect from the industry plus management plus everybody."

Koff remained cautious, however, and went on to say,

"But there are so many variables in that. Even though it's not far away, a year in wrestling is a long period of time. But he is more than welcomed to come back and I would love to have him on our roster."


On the subject of the term indie wrestling being pejorative, Koff maintained he was not insulted by it and acknowledged the promotion might never shake off the tag.

What's next?

Like Koff said, one year is a long time in wrestling. Bryan has had a stellar stint in the WWE as GM since his injury and if he is fit, it will be interesting to see if he chooses to take his services elsewhere. It will also be interesting to see if the WWE will let him return to in-ring action.

Author's take

Bryan returning to ROH will certainly be a spectacle but it remains to be seen if he will be declared fit to return to the ring. His return to the independents can give non-WWE wrestling a shot in the arm.

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