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WWE Royal Rumble Results January 29th 2017, Full Show Match Updates and Video Highlights

Follow WWE Royal Rumble 2017 Results and video highlights here with us.

A historic night for John Cena and WWE


Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella and Naomi vs Alexa Bliss, Mickey James and Natalya

The 6-woman tag-match started the show

We had great heat between the competitors as they gathered in the ring for the match. Natalya mocked Cena in front of Nikki Bella’s face before the bell rang and Nikki replied by slapping Natalya square in the face.

Alexa got in the ring in Natalya’s stead and the match finally began. We soon got a 6-woman suplex spot with the faces remaining standing. Becky and Nikki then hit baseball slides to the women at ringside before Naomi launched herself over the top rope into them.

We came back from a short commercial to see Becky Lynch all over Natalya, hitting her with a springboard sidekick and sending her rolling out of the ring. She followed it up with a flying forearm, from the apron before Mickey James came in and battered Becky by throwing her into the barricade. Natalya added insult to injury by hitting her with a snap suplex at ringside.

Natalya then tagged in Mickey James and the former WWE Women’s Champion put the boot into Becky before tagging Alexa in. Alexa distracted the referee as Mickey James hit her with a cheapshot from the apron. Alexa worked on Becky for a little longer before tagging Natalya back in.

Becky cheekily looked for a roll-up but Natalya kicked out at 2. She then continued to wear Becky down with a chin lock before hitting a sweet Falcon Arrow. Natalya then wiped Naomi off the apron before Becky sent Natalya crashing out of the ring. Becky then went to make the tag but Natalya pulled Nikki Bella off the apron.

Becky hit Alexa, who was legal, with an enzeguiri before both women made tags. Naomi hit Alexa with a springboard Enzeguiri and followed it up with a jumping forearm. She followed up with a barrage of kicks and went for the cover but Mickey James broke it up. Becky came in and suplexed James before Natalya threw Becky into the turnbuckle.

Naomi took advantage and hit Alexa Bliss with an enzeguiri before hitting her with a split-legged moonsault. She went for the cover and surprisingly got the pin on Alexa.

Becky Lynch, Nikki Bella and Naomi def. Alexa Bliss, Mickey James and Natalya

This will probably lead to a feud between Naomi and Alexa Bliss.

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