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WWE Rumor: Backstage details on why Vince McMahon was furious at The Undertaker recently

7.08K   //    18 Apr 2019, 19:47 IST

The Boss was not happy
The Boss was not happy

What's the story?

As we had reported earlier, WWE made some major changes to The Undertaker's new WWE Contract.

It stated that WWE had modified The Undertaker's contract in a way that restricted him from making outside WWE appearances.

In case you didn't know...

The Phenom was not part of Wrestlemania 35 this year, which led to a lot of speculation regarding his future with WWE. However, The Undertaker surprised everyone when he appeared on the RAW after Wrestlemania in a segment with Elias.

Reports have indicated that The Deadman is set to face Elias in WWE'S next Saudi Arabia show.

The heart of the matter

While The Undertaker has signed a new contract with WWE, here is what WON has stated went on behind the scenes which led to the new contract negotiation and why Vince McMahon was upset:

“The basic gist is something approximating this. Undertaker thought his career was over after the match in Australia and started lining up outside paydays. After the Starrcast thing went public, Vince got mad and when things calmed down between the two, WWE made him an offer he couldn’t refuse financially and part of the contract was an agreement he could no longer do those type of dates. Of course, he still would have to do the ones he had contractually agreed to.

On The Undertaker's negotiations with the non-WWE companies he was in talks with:

"For Conrad Thompson, evidently the deal was strong enough that there was no legal way to get him out of it. For Inside the Ropes in the U.K., they didn’t have the kind of legal resources to fight WWE on it so the deal was that if didn’t come, they’d have to refund everything and it could destroy them as far as attempting to do anything going forward. Undertaker didn’t want to do that, so proposed the compromise that he’d do the meet and greet, and Inside the Ropes got Foley to come in and do shows every night where he’d talk about Undertaker and his experiences working with him. The feeling is that WWE thought Undertaker would never do dates with people they didn’t want him doing dates with, and WWE didn’t realize the amount of money some promoters would offer Undertaker to do these events.”

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What's next?

While many believed that The Undertaker may have finally hung up his boots, it looks like The Deadman still has a lot in the tank.

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