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WWE Rumor: Major botch takes place during Andre the Giant Battle Royal

  • What will Vince McMahon think about this Superstar being eliminated when they weren't supposed to?
Daniel Wood
Modified 20 Dec 2019, 22:32 IST

Uh oh! Andrade has messed up here!
Uh oh! Andrade has messed up here!

What's the story?

Other than the shocking injury to Ali and Braun Strowman winning, one of the other major takeaways from the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal was Andrade sensationally eliminating himself. It is now being suggested that he was not supposed to do so.

In case you didn't know...

Andrade made it to the final five of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal with Apollo Crews, The Hardy Boyz and Braun Strowman (not including Colin Jost and Michael Che) but shockingly eliminated himself to eliminate Apollo Crews with a head-scissors. Here's the bizarre moment

You can see that Andrade is clearly shocked and confused that he found himself on the floor. But it wasn't so obviously a botch that people were genuinely criticising WWE's booking of the Superstar for having him eliminate himself.

The heart of the matter

Thankfully, it's been cleared up by Slice Wrestling (well-known twitter scoopster with varying degrees of accuracy and legitimacy) that Andrade was not supposed to eliminate himself from the match.

Luckily for Andrade, if Slice Wrestling is to be believed, he wasn't supposed to win the match which means that his elimination of himself didn't completely change the booking of the match, which is a small saving grace.

What's next?

Personally, I would much rather have seen Andrade Vs. Rey Mysterio in a thirty minute classic for the United States title than see him in the Battle Royal, but he still had some decent moments in the match!

It remains to be seen what repurcussions, if any, Andrade will face for accidentally eliminating himself. I'd imagine nothing too major seeing as no-one had to change booking decisions on the fly as a result!


Did you think Andrade eliminating himself was a botch or bad booking? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Published 08 Apr 2019, 05:42 IST
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