WWE Rumor Mill: Possible backstage heat on popular WWE Superstars

Backstage heat on the 3-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions?
Backstage heat on the 3-time SmackDown Tag Team Champions?
Lennard Surrao

What’s the story?

Getting into the bad books of the WWE top brass is career suicide as you may either be pushed down the car or may lose your job altogether. Enzo Amore is a prime example.

Pro Wrestling Journalist Brad Shepard revealed on the Oh, You Didn’t Know podcast that the Usos may also possibly have some backstage heat on them.

In case you didn’t know…

The Usos have inarguably been one of the greatest tag teams of this decade along with the New Day with the twins having won the Tag Team titles on 5 different occasions. The matches between the New Day and the Usos are some of the best tag team matches in WWE history.

While their in-ring prowess was never in question, the sons of the legendary Rikishi excelled in cutting compelling promos too ever since they went from being overenthusiastic colorful characters to straight up gangsters in SmackDown Live.

The Usos have proven time and again why they should be mentioned along with other tag team greats, however, the manner in which they have been booked makes you rethink WWE’s stance towards the twins.

The heart of the Matter

Shapard spoke about underutilization of the Usos on his podcast with co-host Jon Fisher. Shapard said that he was a big fan of the team and considered them to be the best tag team of this generation. He disclosed details of a conversation he had with one of his backstage sources from WWE.

His source seemed to have agreed with Shepard’s claim of the Usos being the best before the journalist asked him whether the team has pissed someone off backstage.

Shapard continued by saying that the source failed to divulge the reason for the possible heat but at the same time, didn’t rule out the possibility of them getting into trouble backstage.

“I had an interesting conversation with a source in WWE about the Usos. As you know I’ve mentioned a few times that I believe that I believe they’re the greatest tag team of this generation and so the source has agreed with me when I questioned, ‘Who the hell have the Usos pissed off?’ Because they still manage to be on the kickoff show so much yet they’re having legitimate exceptional matches by today’s standards. They do well, yet they always end up it seems like in every case they end up on the kickoff show and I don’t understand that one at all,” Shepard said.

What’s next?

Now, the speculation should be taken with a grain of salt. It wasn’t too long ago when the Usos were a constant presence in the tag team titles scene on SmackDown and now they are perpetually on the pre-show.

Even though they won it for Team SmackDown at Survivor Series, a tag team of their caliber needs to be on the top along with The Bar and New Day.

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