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WWE Rumour Mill: Reason WWE refused to release Neville early revealed

Daniel Wood
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Neville had to sit on the sidelines for ten months
Neville had to sit on the sidelines for ten months

What's the story?

Neville has been released by the WWE, with the company adding the former NXT and Cruiserweight Champion to their alumni section. But now details have emerged as to why it took so long for Neville's release to happen

In case you didn't know...

Neville, who was reportedly unhappy with his creative direction, walked out on the WWE ten months ago but remained with the company the entire time until now. As a result, we haven't seen him wrestle for almost a year.

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The heart of the matter

Previously, for similar situations, the WWE has granted early release of contracts to Superstars who want out. However, with Neville, this was something that the WWE refused to do and Dave Meltzer has revealed why on the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

He attempted to get a release but the word was that WWE was not going to release him because they didn’t want to set a precedent where guys under contract can walk out and go to New Japan, which is where it was expected he was headed. His contract was frozen for ten months, but he was released and according to WWE officials, there is no non-compete clause in effect.

As you can see WWE forcing Neville to sit out his contract seems to be a message to everyone else who might be thinking of going over to New Japan Pro Wrestling like Cody Rhodes and Juice Robinson that they will have to honour their contractual obligations first.

What's next?

Neville is now free to make an appearance for anyone he wishes. He could turn up at Impact Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring of Honor, World of Sport Wrestling or even ALL IN. The options for the high-flyer have never been better! I'm just glad we'll get to see him wrestle again! 

Do you think the WWE was right to force Neville to sit out his contract? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below?

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