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WWE Rumor Mill: Why we haven't seen Neville outside of the WWE yet

Daniel Wood
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The 'King of Cruiserweights' is making us, err, wait!
The 'King of Cruiserweights' is making us, err, wait!

What's the story?

Last month it was officially announced that the WWE and Neville had parted ways, however, the former Cruiserweight Champion has yet to make any independent wrestling appearances despite being in high demand. The latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter has revealed why!

In case you didn't know...

After walking out on the company and sitting out of active competition for months as a result, Neville's release was a rather quiet affair. There was no public announcement, no 'we wish you all the best in your future endeavours'. The WWE just simply moved Neville into their alumni section.

This happened at the end of August, prompting many people to assume that Neville would be clear to appear at Cody Rhodes and the Young Buck's huge indie wrestling event All In That obviously didn't happen.

The heart of the matter

Perhaps the reason why Neville didn't appear at All In and hasn't appeared anywhere else since being moved to the alumni section may have just been revealed though, thanks to the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Here's what they have to say

Regarding Neville, while he’s said nothing publicly and WWE has told us that he is free and clear to work anywhere he wants, when he has been contacted by promoters, he has said that he can’t accept dates yet but will be able to very soon

As you can see, Neville himself is telling promoters he can't accept dates yet, so it would seem that he is still under some sort of non-compete clause following his departure from the WWE.

What's next?

As WWE's non-compete clauses are usually 90 days, that means we can expect to see Neville sometime around the end of November. We'll be keeping our eyes out for Neville's first move, so stay tuned!

With WWE's non-compete clause soon ending, where do you think Neville will end up?

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