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WWE Rumors: 2 Former Champions from SmackDown to be turned into comedy characters

Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:27 IST

SmackDown stage/ Vince McMahon.
SmackDown stage/ Vince McMahon.

There have always been a few acts at any given point in WWE history who were tasked with the job of bringing the comedic element to the product. Most often than not, the characters were reserved for tag teams and WWE may be planning on turning another top tag team into a comedic act.

As revealed by Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the booking plan is to make The Revival into comedy characters on SmackDown. As surprising as that may sound, the company is actually considering a massive character shift for the Top Guys.

Meltzer noted that there were mixed feelings regarding the change for obvious reasons. He also added that there is also a possibility that the idea gets shot down.

Dash Wilder recently tripped during his entrance on SmackDown and that moment is said to be the beginning of the planned character alteration.

Meltzer also shed some light on Dash and Dawson's contract status, revealing that the two Superstars have just a few months left on their current deal. As of this writing, the Superstars have not signed a new contract. They had also reportedly asked for their release a month ago, however, those reports, as revealed by the tag team, may have been exaggerated.

The idea behind turning The Revival into a comedy gimmick is reportedly being done as a spoof on The Fabulous Ones, a tag team from the 1980s.

The Fabulous Ones, made up of Stan Lane and Steve Keirn, were in turn inspired from the Fargos heel gimmick of the 1950s.

While The Revival's gimmick is quite different from the aforementioned teams from the past, it will be interesting to see whether the WWE actually goes ahead with the surprising character transformation.

Is this the best way forward for former Tag Team Champions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below:

Published 20 Dec 2019, 10:14 IST
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