WWE Rumors - 2 Superstars removed from Elimination Chamber match as they are leaving the company 

Elimination Chamber.
Elimination Chamber.

Elimination Chamber is just under a week away and the PPV has just three matches. The event currently has two Elimination Chamber matches confirmed to take place and one of them would have six tag teams battling it out for the SmackDown Tag Team titles, which are currently held by Miz and Morrison.

The biggest absentees from the lineup are Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, who are engaged in a contract dispute with the company.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed The Revival's current status and the reason why they are not in the Elimination Chamber match.

Meltzer stated that Revival aren't in the match as they have not signed a new contract and WWE may not feel the need to reward them with a spot in the championship match.

The Lucha House Party, who were unlikely additions in the match, have been speculated to be the replacements for the Top Guys.


Meltzer: So The Revival is not in, and I can sort of see why because they didn't sign the contract

Alvarez: Yeah, So it's the Elimination Chamber Tag Match, Morrison and Miz, New Day, Usos, Lucha House Party, and Ziggler & Roode and Heavy Machinery. Lucha House Party? Are you kidding me?

Meltzer: Well, they are replacing The Revival, who, you know, they are not going to reward them. So, on The Revival thing. So The Revival went to trademark a whole bunch of stuff, and now WWE is trying to trademark a whole bunch of stuff too. No Flips Just Fists, and they are trying to trademark 'The Mechanics', in case they try to use that.

Alvarez: Oh, God only knows they can give someone else that gimmick.

Meltzer: Well, that's not even a good name anyway. So there are going to be some interesting trademark arguments. WWE, you know, whatever, is making sure to try to keep them from doing as much as they can stop them from doing elsewhere.

Dash and Dawson have rejected various contract extension offers from the WWE and they are widely expected to leave the company once their deals expire.

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