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WWE Rumors: Alberto Del Rio and Paige expected to marry in May

Wrestling's most notorious couple is expected to exchange vows sooner rather than later.

The big day is around the corner for the wrestling couple

What’s the story?

After a tumultuous 2016, it would seem that things are looking up for former WWE Divas Champion Paige. The British star is currently out recovering from neck surgery, which was preceded by 60 days out of action as a result of her second Wellness Policy violation.

Whilst out of action, Paige proposed to her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio at an independent wrestling show in Puerto Rico back in October. 

Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the wedding will take place in May, provided the schedules of both performers allow for it. Del Rio is currently working on the independent scene as Alberto El Patron, and Paige is expected to be back in the ring during the post-WrestleMania 33 season.

In case you didn’t know...

Many commentators have viewed Paige and Del Rio’s relationship with a certain amount of scepticism, believing that two similarly passionate personalities can lead only to combustion. The age gap between the two has also increased the doubt in the media, but the couple continues to prove everyone wrong by going from strength to strength as a duo.

Del Rio recently stated in an interview that it was their shared experiences that brought them together, and the passion displayed by both could surely become a positive as opposed to a negative. 

The heart of the matter

Professional wrestling weddings rarely happen without issue, but weddings that take place in civilian life are often far less dramatic and far more successful.

With Paige expected to return in May, the big day could well yet be put off or even brought forward, but whenever it takes place, it will surely be an emotional occasion for all involved and one that produces plenty of candid pictures of wrestlers on Instagram and Twitter. 

What’s next?

This rumour is yet to be confirmed by the couple but those still expecting the two to part continue to be disappointed. WWE Studios have begun work on a film about Paige’s family also, and whilst it is unclear how much of this will involve the life of Paige herself, it is unthinkable that it could pass without mention of her future husband. 

It is also unclear whether or not the big day will be filmed for Total Divas, and the outcome of that could well be a big clue as to whether or not Paige’s future lies in the WWE or elsewhere.

Sportskeeda’s take

Whenever the wedding happens, we would like to wish both Paige and Alberto Del Rio the best and a long and happy life together. 

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