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WWE Rumors: Big Championship win planned for AJ Styles soon

Styles has impressed Vince McMahon no end in his short run

News 04 Jun 2016, 17:17 IST
A belt might hide that tattoo though

The dues he’s paid outside the WWE have culminated marvelously for AJ Styles. Right from his debut in this year’s Royal Rumble, everything the Phenomenal One has touched has turned to gold and it’s only a matter of time before that is literal.

Dailywrestlingnews.com reports that Vince McMahon is so impressed with Styles that a championship reign will be realized in the months to come. The Chairman held him in high esteem before Extreme Rules, considering how over he is with fans, not to mention his merchandise sales, but that has increased exponentially after his match with Roman Reigns at the PPV.

According to the report, Mr. McMahon looks at Styles as a sure-shot big match player and respects his body of work and his style, given that he’s out of the mold. There isn’t anything to indicate Styles’ direction from the perspective of the brand extension, but the decision to turn him heel was made weeks before the RAW on Memorial Day. The paucity of quality bad guys was the impetus behind the move. 

The initial scheme was to have Seth Rollins return as a face, but that was changed close to Extreme Rules. There is some backstage talk of having The Club interfere in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match, but as of now, it just one of several ideas. 

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