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WWE Rumors: Big E to get singles push following New Day split at WWE Draft

Sudhir Bose
8.91K   //    05 Jul 2016, 14:37 IST
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The unthinkable is not impossible in the WWE. All the promos of WWE Superstars talking about the prospect of splitting from their tag team partners might not just be attempts to fan the flames of the brand split.

Foremost among them are New Day. The WWE tag team champions have made the first skirmishes against the Wyatts and today’s episode of RAW showed the strongest symptoms of trouble in Unitopia. 

This might be a prelude to the tag team actually going their own way. reports that there has been serious consideration of breaking up the dream team because some officials feel that they aren’t as over as they were.

Some have strongly spoken out against this notion and have held up the merchandise sales figures as evidence. 

Eyebrow-raising as it sounds, that isn’t all. It is reported that Big E might receive a singles push following the split. Will the WWE run the danger of letting Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods drown in the mid card?

New Day have been one of the most celebrated groups of wrestlers not just in the WWE, but in the current geography of pro-wrestling. They were PWI’s Tag Team of the Year for 2015 and won Wrestling Observer’s Gimmick of the Year as well.

They hold the record for the longest combined tag team title reign and are just a fortnight away from breaking the record for the longest single reign of 331 days.   

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