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WWE Rumors: Biopic on The Great Khali’s story

Reports suggest that there could be a wrestling based film based on the story of The Great Khali.

The Great Khali in action
After Sultan and Dangal, there could be a wrestling based film on The Great Khali’s story

In a report by mid-day.com, it was mentioned that there might be a possibility of a wrestling based film on the story of The Great Khali. Two wrestling-based films, Sultan and Dangal were released in 2016 and a third on the similar lines could be in the pipeline, as per the report.

It was mentioned that Fox Star Studios had purchased the rights of The Great Khali’s story.

Khali, the 7’1’’ monster from India started his career with WWE in 2006 and his contract ran out in 2014. He became the World Heavyweight Champion in 2007 and this period was his best time in the company. In the later part of his WWE reign, he was portrayed as the Punjabi playboy and this didn’t go well except for some entertainment.

Have a look at The Great Khali’s feud with The Undertaker at the start of his career. In a shocking turn of events, Khali defeats the dead man in his very first encounter against him-

Before embarking on his professional wrestling career, Khali worked as an officer for the Punjab state police. Khali also opened his own wrestling school in Punjab during February 2015 and named it the ‘Continental Wrestling Entertainment’.

It is interesting to note that Khali was a part of four Hollywood films, two Bollywood films and numerous television shows including Big Boss. Here is something funny during Khali’s reign as the Punjabi playboy. Beth kissed The Great Khali and eliminated him during the 2010 edition of the Royal Rumble PPV.

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