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WWE Rumors: With brand split looming, WWE interested in re-signing Goldberg, Angle, Jeff Hardy and Mysterio

It looks a lot like what happened with NXT

Still a wanted man

When you’re the boss, you call the shots. When you’re the kind of boss Vince McMahon is, when you say “jump” to guys you kicked out the door, expecting to hear “how high?” isn’t delusional.

The WWE’s most ambitious move in recent memory, the brand extension, has finally dawned in all its imposing reality. With RAW and SmackDown envisioned as two separate, unique heads of the beast, the inevitable question of who goes where has risen. 

The slew of recent releases would seem detrimental to many in this context, but it seems that the WWE is trying to make a spectacular save. Dave Meltzer tweeted that with the brand split on the horizon, the WWE is trying to recruit a lot of its erstwhile big names:

Forbes.com reports that Bill Goldberg, Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy are the “40+ year old guys” the WWE are after. It was reported a few weeks ago that Goldberg and the WWE were both interested in a re-signing, though that may in all likeliness be a one-off at a major PPV.

Kurt Angle has made no secret of his ambition to return to the WWE and even offered the idea of managing former NXT tag team champs American Alpha, thereby reincarnating The World's Greatest Tag Team. 

Since leaving the WWE amidst injury woes in February 2015, Rey Mysterio has had a rocky stint with AAA and is now under contract to Lucha Underground. The former WWE Champion has expressed interest in a return.

There is a question mark over Jeff Hardy’s return, because he renewed his contract with TNA in March and said that he wouldn’t seek other options for at least a year. However, as with everything with the WWE, don’t be too surprised if they pull a rabbit out of a hat.

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