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WWE Rumors: Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to headline WrestleMania 34?

Even though WrestleMania 34 is more than one year away, it appears that its main event is already set in stone.

News 16 Mar 2017, 19:51 IST
Lesnar and Reigns had a great match at WrestleMania 31

What’s the story?

Dave Meltzer, of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, is reporting that WrestleMania 34’s main event appears to be locked in, and it involves Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. 

In case you didn’t know...

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of context to this match. Lesnar and Reigns are both main event talents who can draw thousands of wrestling fans to WrestleMania. Each one has an advantage that makes them marketable. Lesnar, historically, is a beast who will dominate any opponent. He’s the one who conquered the Undertaker’s undefeated streak at WrestleMania. 

Reigns has followed a unique path to stardom. WWE officials didn’t push him at the proper time. Then, when they did give him that monster push to the moon, the WWE Universe pushed back and still heckle Reigns to this day. The more he wins, the louder the heckling gets. This will be their real rematch since Reigns and Lesnar haven’t fought since WrestleMania 31. Neither of them walked out with the WWE Championship. Seth Rollins did.

The heart of the matter

There’s more to the story than just a main event of Reigns and Lesnar. Meltzer elaborated on that rumoured match with even more detail. 

The plan is to once again build for a year and have the big coronation at WrestleMania. The idea between now and then is for Reigns to be the face, not just when he wins the title, but to fully replace John Cena as the lead babyface of the company.

What’s next?

Instead of thinking Reigns will turn heel at WrestleMania 33, he’s presumably going to remain a face until he slays the Beast Incarnate next year in New Orleans, Louisana. Between now and then, both men will fight for the title at some point.

There’s even a rumoured feud with Lesnar and Reigns after WrestleMania 33. It’s no secret that the Beast will beat Goldberg for the WWE Universal Championship. Reigns is set to beat the Undertaker. So, where would the two top stars go from there? Exactly where the rumour leads us; the WrestleMania 34 main event. 

Author’s Take

Personally speaking, this is a terrible idea. Not to sound critical, but neither man needs to be in the main event conversation at their current state. Lesnar doesn’t need a championship. Neither does Goldberg. Part-time superstars can enhance talent and win matches, but holding the brand’s major championship is unnecessary.

If Reigns were to turn heel, then it would make perfect sense to build him that way. That kind character alteration is exactly what Reigns needs. 

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