WWE Rumors - Brock Lesnar respects a 2-Time Tag Team Champion and wants to put him over

Brock Lesnar backstage in a clip from the WWE 24 series.
Brock Lesnar backstage in a clip from the WWE 24 series.

The WrestleMania 36 angle between Brock Lesnar and Drew McIntyre was given a major impetus on the latest episode of RAW as the Scottish Psychopath laid out The Beast Incarnate with three vicious Claymore kicks.

An interesting video began doing the rounds after the show, which highlighted Brock Lesnar secretly telling Drew McIntyre to pick up the WWE Championship while on the ramp. The character-breaking moment from Lesnar has proven that the veteran is heavily invested in his current storyline.

Tom Colohue and Korey Gunz discussed the RAW segment on the Dropkick DiSKussions podcast. Tom stated that it's clear as daylight that Lesnar is putting in all the effort to put over Drew McIntyre, which has been the case since the Royal Rumble.

Both McIntyre and Lesnar have a great amount of respect for each other and that is translating into a solid WrestleMania programme.

Here's what Tom said about Lesnar's active contribution in putting McIntyre over:

In addition to that, when you hear the crowd chanting one more time, Brock Lesnar heard it, Lesnar got up. He showed for it. Lesnar is doing everything he can to put Drew McIntyre over and he's been doing that since the Royal Rumble match. Brock is really invested in this and it's great to see. It really shows the amount of respect between the two men and it really shows how good a match we're going to get.

Lesnar and McIntyre are not scheduled to compete at Elimination Chamber and WWE will continue the build towards the potential WrestleMania main event on the next episode of RAW.

The match should be a riveting affair in which the 2-Time Tag Team Champion is expected to win his first WWE title from Brock Lesnar at the Show of Shows.

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