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WWE Rumors - Company does not want a retired legend to make his in-ring return after 8 years

Modified 07 Feb 2020, 18:58 IST

Vince McMahon/ RAW Arena.
Vince McMahon/ RAW Arena.

It's 2020, Hulk Hogan is 66 years old, the iconic Superstar has undergone countless surgeries, and yet, we are still talking about the Hulkster's in-ring return. Can you believe that?

The former WWE Champion recently revealed that he wants to wrestle one last match inside the WWE ring before ending his career on his terms. Hogan even said that he wants a match against Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 36, and even though that sounds preposterous, he is actually working towards getting back in shape for the proposed match.

PWInsider also reported that Hogan has been booked to make an appearance at WWE Super ShowDown on February 27th. However, will the 6-time WWE Champion be returning to set up a future match?

Tom Colohue and Korey Gunz discussed the rumors surrounding Hulk Hogan's return on the latest edition of Sportskeeda's Dropkick DiSKussions podcast.

Tom stated that there are many points to consider when it comes to Hogan's in-ring return. He wasn't aware of WWE not clearing Hogan to wrestle as the retired veteran was never in contention to be brought back for a match.

There are also many talents currently in the WWE who are not happy with Hogan after the racist scandal led to the legend's ouster from the Hall of Fame. Hogan returned and issued an apology for his actions, but a section of the locker room is still not convinced. Tom added that WWE isn't pushing for Hogan to make his in-ring comeback and the report of his return can be ignored.

Check out what Tom had to say below:

Colohue: I’m not aware that doctors refused to let him wrestle. I’m not aware if that was ever a thing, it just was a case that he was never of benefit to WWE in that regard. WWE doctors have not assessed him because they don’t want to see Hulk Hogan wrestle.


Gunz: Who does?

Colohue: That’s a very fair question (laughs). I don’t think anyone goes over in any way in a ring with Hulk Hogan and there are still some issues. There are people who do not forgive Hulk Hogan. His apology was unpopular, shall we say, and some people in that locker room did not believe it to be legitimate in any way and they feel entitled to feel that.

So I don’t believe we’ll see Hulk Hogan ever wrestle again. I don’t believe he needed to be cleared because he was never uncleared, but I don’t think WWE doctors would say, ‘Yeah, get him into the ring,’ because WWE isn’t clamouring to get him into the ring. Where this comes from seems like nonsense and we’ll leave it at that.

Hogan last wrestled a match for TNA in 2012 while his final WWE bout happened in 2006.

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Published 07 Feb 2020, 18:58 IST
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