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WWE Rumors - Company 'really wanted' only one-half of legendary tag team to return 

W WF World Tag Team Championship title.
W WF World Tag Team Championship title.
Modified 14 Feb 2020, 04:26 IST

The week that went by was dominated by the speculation regarding Matt Hardy's future in WWE. The Broken One is rumored to leave the company as soon as his contract expires at the end of the month, however, where does that leave Jeff Hardy?

Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue and Korey Gunz spoke about The Hardy Boyz's status and their latest WWE stint on the most recent edition of SK's Dropkick DiSKussions podcast.

Tom revealed that when WWE brought the legendary tag team back to the company in 2017, Jeff Hardy was the Superstar they really wanted and Matt was just seen as a 'chaperone'. The company wanted to steer clear from the Broken Universe, however, the eventually had no choice but to give the popular gimmick a run.

Tom stated that the company always saw more value in Jeff and they wanted to give him a push. However, the Charismatic Enigma has let his inner demons get the better of himself yet again.

Colohue added that Jeff will be happy to return as soon as he is cleared to do so, and he will be booked in storylines once he makes his comeback.

History always unfavourably repeats itself in Jeff Hardy's case and Tom pointed out the various instances of it happening on the podcast.

Here's what Tom said:

When it comes to Jeff, there is a lot of history repeating itself. WWE has always been confident that they want to push Jeff Hardy. Jeff Hardy always had a bit more pull with the fans even though I personally felt Matt Hardy was the better wrestler in that regard but, when it comes to Sports Entertainment, Jeff Hardy is your guy, he wants to do all the flips and everything like that. He’s an extremely interesting character and the more you learn about him, the more you want to learn about him.
So WWE always wanted to push him, so as they pushed him, they started to realize that Jeff Hardy, unfortunately, has a lot of demons.
When they brought him and Matt back, the idea for the tag team was that they didn’t want to just bring Jeff back but Jeff was the one they really wanted. They really didn’t want to bother with the Broken Universe, even though they were eventually into it, they really didn’t fancy that. They wanted Jeff Hardy and they brought Matt Hardy to be sort of a chaperone, the idea being that with Matt there, Jeff’s more wild impulses will be a bit more tempered. That has not proven to be the case. It will be interesting now because to my knowledge, Jeff Hardy will happily return, and once he is fit and ready to go, we will see him again and there would be storylines and there would be death-defying stunts.
I think Jeff will be someone we will be seeing again soon, but when I talk about history repeating itself, Jeff gets a solo push, and then he goes and finds Matt. That’s how it has always been. He goes so long without his brother and then he misses his brother and I can’t blame him for that. I don’t think those two men will finish their wrestling careers with the WWE, but I do think they are surefire Hall of Famers in the future.  
Published 14 Feb 2020, 04:26 IST
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