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WWE Rumors: Company sends a serious message to Jeff Hardy 

Published 06 Dec 2019, 04:02 IST
06 Dec 2019, 04:02 IST

Vince McMahon and Jeff Hardy.
Vince McMahon and Jeff Hardy.

There has been a lot of talk surrounding the WWE status of Jeff Hardy. Is the former WWE Champion done with the company, or, more pertinently, is the company done with the veteran Superstar?

Mike Johnson provided an update on Hardy's current status on PWInsider Elite Audio.

Hardy's deal is frozen as he has been out of action due to a knee injury since April and the company has added extra time to his contract instead of giving him the pink slip.

In addition to his injury, the Charismatic Enigma is also dealing with fresh legal troubles that have cropped up in the past year.

According to a backstage source close to the situation, WWE pleaded with Hardy to seriously address his health issues. It was also added that Hardy is doing what has been asked of him and has 'aggressively dived right into' getting his life back on track.

WWE has no reason to fire Hardy as he's following directions.

Here's what Johnson shared regarding Hardy's status:

“Jeff Hardy’s deal is that it’s frozen cause he’s hurt. So, they’ve tacked time on so why would they fire him when they can hold him even longer? As we know Jeff is in the middle of another legal quandary. I can tell you from a source very close to the situation that WWE strongly implored Jeff to address his health and we’re told that Jeff is doing that and really aggressively dove right into it. So, you can’t fire the guy when he’s doing what you ask him to do. We’ll see what happens when he goes to court.” H/t Credit: WrestleTalk

To say that Jeff Hardy has had a terrible 2019 would be an understatement. He was taken off TV after he suffered a knee injury in April. The injury was expected to put him on the shelf for six to nine months. 


Hardy was arrested twice this year, once in July and then later in October. The first time he was apprehended by law enforcement agencies was for public intoxication in South Carolina following which he was charged with Driving While Impaired (DWI) in North Carolina in October. Hardy is scheduled to appear in court regarding his DWI arrest.

The popular Superstar has a documented history of landing in trouble and WWE's message is loud and clear. The company wants the 42-year-old Superstar to get his act together and possibly return to TV healthy and free of any legal issues.

We, as fans, also hope to see the best version of the multiple-time WWE Tag Team Champion on TV in the future.

Modified 21 Dec 2019, 01:15 IST
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