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WWE Rumors: Conspiracy around Seth Rollins' titantron video

Are Seth Rollins titantrons being manipulated intentionally?

There have been questions as to what goes into The Architect's titantron

Seth Rollins’ titantron video has been the topic of elaborate discussion in a Reddit thread recently. A user pointed out that during his titantron on the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, a phrase with no relevance to The Architect appeared for a brief moment.

Upon further inspection, it turned out that the phrase read “Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather vs The Big Show”. While it isn’t too clear, the user managed to get a screenshot. The user even made a video on it. It also followed up with the words “Sgt. Slaughter”, showing the WWE Hall Of Famer’s logo.

The text reads – Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs The Big Show
The logo of WWE Hall Of Famer Sgt Slaughter


The mystery continued when it was pointed out that a portion of Hulk Hogan’s “Hulkamania” logo, was also present on the smaller screen near gorilla position.

A close-up of the Hulkamania logo

Another image that cannot be identified was spotted in the same place:

An unidentified image on the titantron

Rollins’ “conspiracy” goes way back to Wrestlemania 31. After he had won the World Championship in the main event, he went to the entrance ramp to celebrate. A graphic of Survivor Series flashed very briefly thrice.  

What made it noteworthy was that it was before Survivor Series that Rollins got the injury. You can see the gif below.

However, production glitches are not a new concept by any means. For example, In Sasha Banks’ NXT titantron, Baron Corbin appears at the 11-second mark.  

One of the possibilities would be Easter Eggs intentionally put in to see how many people notice, or if people notice. However, the most likely theory would be that it was a mistake on the production side, and bad file management. But it does beg the question as to how they could afford to make such mistakes on a large scale.

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