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WWE Rumors: Edge signs new deal with WWE; was in talks with AEW

Daniel Wood
Modified 21 Dec 2019, 00:40 IST

Edge could return very soon
Edge could return very soon

Adam 'Edge' Copeland has been away from wrestling for quite some time after being forced to retire from WWE in-ring action due to the career threatening injury of spinal stenosis, but rumors are surfacing that he might be about to make his return to the ring.

Edge cleared to hit a spear on Elias at SummerSlam

These rumors were sparked by a recent appearance from Edge during the SummerSlam pre-show where he confronted Elias and actually hit a physical wrestling move by taking Elias down with his legendary spear.

Edge says he could 'wrestle tomorrow'

Edge fueled speculation further by admitting in an interview that he felt like he could wrestle tomorrow, leading fans to believe that he, perhaps, may be cleared to return to the ring in the future.

On the Edge and Christian Podcast he said,

“To be perfectly honest, I think I could do a match tomorrow...and I might be blown up, but I’d be okay. It’s just from what I know with the WWE medical staff, they won’t allow it.”

Then, if there wasn't enough evidence suggesting Edge might wrestle again as it is, the 'Rated-R Superstar' announced that he would be leaving the E & C Podcast recently.

Edge has signed a deal with WWE and not AEW

Now, we jump to the most recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter where Dave Meltzer suggests there's a reason why he has left the podcast and it's because he has signed a new deal with WWE after having discussions with his former company and AEW.

"Another name from the past, Edge, who will be 46 at the end of the month, has also had his name in the news. Edge got a new deal by negotiating with both sides, and thus ended up with a significant WWE offer to stay. He did a spear recently, cleared for that after years of not being cleared to do anything. While it is not confirmed that he will wrestle again, the idea of him wrestling again has definitely been talked about very privately, although we're not sure if he can get clearance."

As you can see Dave Meltzer isn't too sure if Edge will wrestle again, but there are those who are strongly hinting on Twitter that he will.

Whether or not Edge returns to the ring remains to be seen but there's a real buzz about him possibly appearing at the SmackDown debut on FOX.

For what it's worth, I hinted we might see Edge on my own Twitter about four days ago, but I was under the impression this would be for the Saudi Arabia show at the end of October. Perhaps Edge might appear beforehand to set a match up for that show.

Do you want Edge to return? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Published 05 Oct 2019, 05:14 IST
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