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WWE Rumors: Fans totally missed what Rey Mysterio did after entering the ambulance on RAW

Published Oct 01, 2019
Oct 01, 2019 IST

Rey Mysterio in the ambulance with his son.
Rey Mysterio in the ambulance with his son.

Rey Mysterio came to this week's RAW hoping to become the WWE Universal Champion. What he got instead was the horrific sight of Brock Lesnar's unhinged beatdown on his son Dominick. The Beast Incarnate went on a rampage as he took out everyone in his path and Dominick was hurt the most as a result of the assault.

The son of the legendary luchador was taken to a nearby medical facility in an ambulance after the attack. The ambulance, in particular, played a subtle part in the larger scheme of things even after the segment had ended.

The siren could be heard during the subsequent match between Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss. However, what the fans failed to notice was that as part of the backstage footage in which Dominick was being loaded into the ambulance, Mysterio removed his mask after the door was shut.

As brought to light by Dave Meltzer on the Wrestling Observer Radio, Mysterio removing his mask was to make the angle seem legitimately serious. Meltzer pointed out two interesting moments from the aftermath of the RAW opener:

"When he went into the ambulance, it was really interesting, they played the ambulance siren during the first match which is a little touch that would never be done. I thought that was very interesting. I thought it was actually pretty cool because at first when I heard I thought someone’s coming out. No, it’s the ambulance taking Dominick to the hospital.
"And the other one was when Rey went into the ambulance, he took his mask off, which was not called attention to at all, but he did. Which I thought was interesting too. I think that was the idea of trying to sell it as being serious and real and that the playtime, you know pro wrestling time is over. So that was just an interesting little twist. I don’t think anyone even picked up on it but that was like the idea."

We still don't have an update regarding the status of Dominick's storyline injury but we'll keep you updated regarding the same.

Rey Mysterio was orginally slated to face Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship but the match was scrapped after Lesnar's attack. How will Mysterio react to Lesnar's act of brutality? Why did WWE even book this angle?

We have an anwer for that here.


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