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WWE Rumors: Finn Bálor could return to TV before house show dates

Will Finn Balor make his return to Monday Night Raw soon?

News 28 Feb 2017, 06:26 IST
When will The Demon King return to WWE programming?

What’s the story?

Cage Side Seats reports that WWE Superstar Finn Bálor could return to TV before his house show dates. Bálor has been seen at house shows and got into a physical altercation to come to the aid of NXT Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura, but has yet to return to Monday Night Raw.

In case you didn’t know...

Bálor was injured at SummerSlam in his match against Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship. He suffered the injury early in the match when Rollins used a powerbomb to throw Bálor into the barricade.

Since then, Bálor has been rumoured to be making a return soon and was even rumoured to be a potential Royal Rumble entrant, but that did not come to pass.

It was originally believed that Bálor’s injury could fully heal within four months; just in time for him to make his Royal Rumble debut. However, upon further examination and the revelation of other injuries, his return after for recovery had been extended to six months at best; a recovery time that likely led to his absence from the Royal Rumble match.

The heart of the matter

Bálor returning to the main roster now would leave him in a very peculiar position. Aside from inserting himself into the Universal Championship match or fighting his former rival, Samoa Joe, there isn’t much of a place for Bálor on the WrestleMania card.

What’s next?

The longer Bálor is not on WWE programming, the less likely it will be for Bálor to get a WrestleMania match. If he doesn’t return to television before mid-March, then Bálor will probably be a surprise return for the post-WrestleMania Raw crowd.

Also, if this rumoured stable under the leadership of Triple H turns out to be true, then this could serve as the perfect opportunity to swerve the fans and bring him in and have him make an impact quickly.

Sportskeeda’s take

There is no indication that the Demon King will be returning to Monday Night Raw in the near future, so fans will just have to accept that Bálor may just be in the plans for the Showcase of the Immortals.

Though there are several stars Bálor can face like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, or Sami Zayn, the WWE seems to already have plans in mind for them and there’s not much anyone can do about it. But if Samoa Joe’s debut proved anything, it’s that not everything needs to happen on Monday Night Raw.

Sometimes, an impact can be just as good if it doesn’t occur on a big show; provided it’s done right.

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