WWE Rumors: Hardy Boyz to return to WWE at WrestleMania 33

Are the Broken brothers on their way back home?

What’s the story?

The current contract status of Matt and Jeff Hardy in TNA is currently the subject of hot debate, but Dave Meltzer and Wrestling Observer have speculated that the iconic tag team duo could well make a dramatic return to WWE this year at the Show of Shows, WrestleMania 33.

The capacity in which the brothers would be used is still unclear but with their TNA deals rumoured to be up, the time may never be better for the seven-time WWE/WCW Tag Team Champions to return to the company that made them famous.

In case you didn’t know...

The resurrection of Jeff and (in particular) Matt Hardy was undoubtedly one of the pro wrestling stories of 2016, as the duo went from being on the verge of being considered over-the-hill to becoming one of the most popular acts in all of pro-wrestling.

It was Matt who provided the spark for the rebirth in the shape of his Broken Matt Hardy gimmick, a character that was initially seen as being ridiculous but soon became the most fashionable gimmick in wrestling.

The Hardys won their second TNA World Tag Team Championship at Bound for Glory 2016 and have since promised to defend those titles all over the world in their Expedition of Gold. The expedition could well be cut short if they were to return to WWE sooner rather than later.

The heart of the matter

One major stumbling block will surely be the amount of creative control that Matt Hardy currently has over the Broken Hardys characters. The revival of the duo was largely down to Matt being allowed to spread his creative wings, but it is utterly unthinkable that WWE would allow him to maintain that amount of control on the character if the brothers returned to the WWE.

It is more likely that if Matt and Jeff returned to the WWE they would do so in their classic WWE personas, shedding the Broken skin arguably too soon. Whilst this would be a shame, it is understandable if the lure of a return to WWE may be too strong for the brothers to ignore.


What’s next?

Until official word comes out regarding The Hardy Boyz and their contractual status in TNA, all of this is pure conjecture. The rumours will surely pick up steam as we get ever closer to WrestleMania 33, however, and the idea of Broken Matt and Jeff coming out to interrupt The New Day on the grandest stage of them all will surely excite many in the WWE Universe.

Sportskeeda’s take

As much as we would love to see Matt and Jeff back in WWE, it would be a huge shame to see the legs cut out from under the Expedition of Gold before it has truly begun. The Hardys will inevitably return to WWE in the future, but here’s hoping that it does not happen too soon.

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