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WWE Rumors: Incredible backstage details regarding plans for CM Punk finally returning to the company

24.97K   //    02 Oct 2019, 01:03 IST

CM Punk
CM Punk

The speculations for a CM Punk return have once again gained momentum after Punk showed interest in a role in the upcoming talk show WWE Backstage, which is set to air on FS1 from November.

While the show is entirely a talk show and Punk will be featured in a non-wrestling role, it will certainly open the door to a possible in-ring return one day. The Observer had earlier stated:

"If C.M. Punk is to come back to pro wrestling, it looks like it will be here." They further remarked: "The impression from WWE is that they believe he wants back in but right now it’s nothing they are counting on doing."

CM Punk to finally return?

As per recent reports from WrestleVotes, a CM Punk return might indeed be in the works. However, that's unlikely to be any time soon:

CM Punk... I asked, I got back nothing definitive, as it should be. If and when it happens, it should be super quiet. One source went on to say “probably not now, but eventually” so that’s that.

Punk has been away from the WWE ring for nearly 5 years, ever since he left the company in 2014. While Punk has dabbled in a variety of other fields including fighting for UFC and applying his creative talents in the world of comic books, he has not stepped inside the ring as a competitor after his departure from the WWE.

Punk has a cult-like following and is credited for opening the doors for smaller wrestlers in WWE. With talents such as Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston and Adam Cole holding the top championships in WWE, it would be the perfect time for the 40-year-old to make his much-awaited comeback.


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