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WWE Rumours: Kevin Owens to drop the Universal Championship at Clash Of Champions?

Will WWE flip the switch on Owens and pull the rug from underneath him?

Will the Prize Fighter lose his title in the first defense?

From the get-go in WWE, Kevin Owens felt like a big deal. He was in NXT for about six months, and he took only two before winning the NXT Championship. He got called up to the main roster faster than most do, and on his first night on the main roster, he stood toe-to-toe with John Cena.

He immediately began a program with him, and whatever doubts there were in the past of Vince McMahon possibly not believing in Owens due to his look were instantly put to rest after he defeated Cena cleanly in his first match in Elimination Chamber. 

Owens went on to become one of the most consistently featured performers on the entire roster. In fact, a few months ago, Kevin Owens even became the first performer in WWE history to have been featured in twelve consecutive pay-per-views in his debut year. This was an elite list that Charlotte went on to join when she performed at Battleground this year.

There are reports going around that The Prize Fighter may wind up losing the title to Seth Rollins at Clash Of Champions. On Smackdown Live, when Ambrose wasn’t drawing as expected, they flipped the switch and put the title on Styles. They may end up doing the same.

However, last week’s record-low Raw rating is also highly attributed to the Football season that had just begun, which takes place on Monday and Thursday nights. Raw is clearly going to have a tougher time going head to head with Football, but Owens dropping the title so fast is definitely not the way to go. 

The way Owens was being booked, it became clear that he was being groomed for the main event. So it was more of a when, not if, Kevin Owens would win WWE’s top prize. And as it turned out, Owens turned out to be the beneficiary of Finn Balor’s injury, as he won the WWE Universal Championship. 

Many questioned the manner in which Owens won it when Triple H returned and turned on Rollins to practically hand Owens the title. However, people forget that Owens as a heel and the objective of it is to win by any means possible. Owens said that when he won the championship, he told Vince McMahon that he wouldn’t regret his decision, and McMahon said that he was sure he wouldn’t. 

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