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WWE Rumors: Long-term plan to turn Sasha Banks heel

The Boss will revert to an older, darker side down the line.

WillThe Boss revert back to her natural character?

Fans have been waiting for Sasha Banks to turn heel for a long time, and it may finally be coming, according to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer said that while Sasha Banks will be feuding with Nia Jax for the coming weeks, the long-term plan is for her to be a heel.

Sasha Banks got over in NXT as a heel playing the character of The Boss. This was a role she excelled in, and it peaked in her final NXT feud against Bayley. Many fans have criticised Sasha’s role as a babyface, citing it to be unsuitable for her and her talents. 

Below are the origins of The Boss:

If she does turn heel, the money match is against Bayley. It was rumoured many months ago that WWE had pencilled in Sasha Banks vs. Bayley for Wrestlemania 33. However, rumour now has it that Charlotte will face Bayley at the grandest stage of them all.  

As for Sasha, there is a big plan for her at Wrestlemania 33, according to Meltzer. It is possible that after Wrestlemania, The Boss will turn heel. The easiest way to turn her heel would be to attack Bayley, the most beloved babyface of the women’s division.

A Sasha Banks heel turn would also give a possibility for a BFFs reunion between Summer Rae, Charlotte, and her, who are all on Raw. Sasha as a heel would also refresh the Raw women’s division, which has primarily been about one feud since the brand split. 

However, one issue that the division would face is that it would be dominated by heels. The only potential babyface will be Paige if she comes back. But the entire situation with Paige is totally unclear, and no one knows whether she will even be back.

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