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WWE Rumors - Major botch in the United States title match from RAW revealed

Published Jan 08, 2020
Jan 08, 2020 IST

Rey Mysterio crashes into Zelina Vega during the US title match on RAW.
Rey Mysterio crashes into Zelina Vega during the US title match on RAW.

There were a few bright sparks on the latest episode of RAW and the United States Championship match between Andrade and Rey Mysterio can certainly be considered to be one of them.

Mysterio and Andrade, who are known to have great in-ring chemistry, put on another solid match that kept the fans on the edge of their seats.

However, the finishing sequence was confusing at best. 

Many fans were surprised to see the referee break up Andrade's attempted Hammerlock DDT on Mysterio. The WWE veteran was then told by the referee to go out and check on Zelina Vega, who he had been taken out accidentally as part of a spot moments before.

The finish of the match was discussed on the most recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio and Bryan Alvarez speculated that there could have been a botch and a subsequent audible that may have been called during the match.

He explained that the story was to have Mysterio check on Zelina after he took her out. Andrade would then hit Mysterio with a kick when he got back in the ring and deliver the finisher for the win. However, Alvarez noted that Andrade may have jumped the gun which prevented the story from playing out.

An audible was then called and they finished the match as per the apparent plan.

Here's what Bryan Alvarez had to say:

So they did Rey vs. Andrade and they gave Rey everything in this match. He just beats him, beats him, beats him, beats him, finally, Rey hits the Sunset Canadian Destroyer, gets the pin, but Zelina has put Andrade's foot on the ropes.
So they restart the match and Rey just beats him, beats him, beats him, beats him, and finally, they are outside, and Rey is trying a dive outside the apron but Andrade catches him and tosses and he flies into Zelina, so Zelina is knocked out. And Andrade throws Rey into the ring and then the weirdest thing happens.
He throws him into the ring, he grabs him for the DDT, the referee physically stops him from doing the DDT, Rey falls onto the mat, the referee then loudly, I don't know if he was supposed to do it loudly, but he tells Rey to roll outside, Rey stops selling everything, he goes over to check on Zelina again, he is all worried about her, and then Andrade boots him on his way back in and hits him with the DDT.
I think what happened was the whole point of this story was Rey was supposed to accidentally knock out Zelina and be very, very concerned about her, and then they would go to the finish. And maybe Andrade attacked him too early, and they called an audible and have Rey go back out there again and be concerned about her again because this whole thing didn't make sense at the end. It kind of took away from the match but the rest of the match was very good.

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