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WWE Rumors: Officials do not blame Samoa Joe for the Seth Rollins debacle

Seth Rollins is out for a minimum of eight weeks.

Samoa Joe made his presence felt last week!


What’s the story?

As an aftermath of the last episode of RAW, rumours had it that Samoa Joe was suffering major heat backstage. However, PWInsider.com now reports that WWE officials do not blame Joe for the unfortunate incident. Here’s what the article stated:

The Rollins injury was obviously just a freak thing, it’s just that Joe happened to be the person he was in the ring with. If there was any heat on him, they certainly wouldn’t be havin Joe boast and take credit for the injury.

In case you didn’t know...

Samoa Joe made his much-awaited debut last week when he dropped a torpedo on a clueless Seth Rollins. During the gruesome beatdown, Rollins landed awkwardly on his surgically repaired knee when Joe locked in his trademark Coquina Clutch.

It was the same knee he tore back in November of 2015, and it could now keep Rollins out for a minimum of eight weeks. Here is the video of Samoa Joe ambushing Seth Rollins on his debut!

Joe previously injured Tyson Kidd during his time in NXT. The gruesome injury ended up costing the latter his career, but WWE still lets Joe use Muscle Buster- the move that injured Tyson Kidd.

The heart of the matter...

The injury caused mayhem in the WWE as the company now has to scramble up back up plans for the show of shows, Wrestlemania. They recently held an emergency creative meeting, which could result in a change of plans for Cena, Triple H and others heading to Wrestlemania 33.

Samoa Joe took to Twitter to boast after the incident on Raw last week. This is something WWE officials would not have allowed if they had issues with Joe’s actions. Here is the tweet:

What’s next?

A video was recently posted on WWE.com, in which backstage interviewer Mike Rome announced that Samoa Joe would kick off Monday Night RAW to sign his WWE contract, making him an official WWE RAW Superstar.

Sportskeeda’s take

WWE has dealt with the situation well, as Joe’s debut on the main roster was overshadowed by the injury. The supremely talented Superstar is destined for great things in WWE, and this minor glitch should not derail his red-hot momentum.

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