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WWE Rumors: Person behind Randy Orton House Show injury angle booking revealed

Karan Bedi
Published 03 Jan 2020, 21:28 IST
03 Jan 2020, 21:28 IST

It was him all along!
It was him all along!

As many wrestling fans know by now, Randy Orton's injury at a recent house show turned out to be a work. The whole thing was a ruse to get AJ Styles in the ring, so that he could give him an RKO. It's now being reported by WON via that the man behind booking the house show angle was someone already in charge of Creative on RAW.

It's now been revealed that Paul Heyman was the man who came up with the idea in the first place. Everything was going according to plan, until Dave Meltzer revealed that it was part of an ongoing storyline.

Apparently, this didn't sit well with WWE management who were reportedly upset that the angle was leaked to the public, before the story could reach its conclusion.

In this case, Paul Heyman wanted to do this injury angle at a house show. As WWE Live shows continue their poor attendance rates, the angle was done so that it would give WWE fans the reason to come to house shows. It's also possible that this was why Andrade won the U.S. Championship at a house show as well.

In an era where WWE Live Events don't have the same pull like they used to, it does make sense for the company to be willing to change things up. It's very possible that even if the news wasn't leaked, fans would have figured it out the moment Randy Orton was announced for WWE RAW.

At the same time, this actually highlights the importance of Paul Heyman's contribution to WWE. In ECW, he was known to push the envelope and do things that no one else was trying at the time.

If they had gotten away with it, the angle would have received even more praise.

Modified 03 Jan 2020, 21:28 IST
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