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WWE Rumors: Possible duration of the Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 33 match

No surprises here folks!

News 14 Mar 2017, 04:45 IST
The Beast is going to squash The Myth! 

What’s the story?

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE Universal Championship match is expected to be a short bout with Lesnar going over Goldberg. Also, the match would be the main event of the night owing to its big match feel being fitting of the WrestleMania platform.

On a side note, Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton is said to be featured lower down the card as a result of it.

In case you didn’t know....

Goldberg won the Universal title from Kevin Owens in 22 seconds at the recently concluded Fastlane PPV. He continued his dominant squashing streak by humiliating KO and effectively making his third and final bout against Lesnar a title match. 

Lesnar recently took on Owens himself at the MSG Live Event and as expected, destroyed the Prizefighter convincingly. WWE is building up towards Lesnar to look like his former self while Goldberg already looks like the unbeatable monster that made him a household name during his heydey.

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The heart of the matter

The latest WON states that Goldberg has been built like an unstoppable force to facilitate a strong win for Lesnar. Lesnar was demolished at Survivor Series, and so was KO, all so that Goldberg looked strong. WWE now has plans of Lesnar to dethrone Goldberg to become the new Universal Champion.

As far as Owens’ rematch clause is concerned, WWE could have it on one of the RAW episodes on the road to WrestleMania or after the show of shows with Lesnar as champion. WWE could also drop the clause altogether.

The bottom line is Lesnar is going to give Goldberg a taste of his own medicine by beating him in quick time to win his first Universal title.

What’s next?

The coming weeks on RAW should be really interesting as we’re talking about WrestleMania here. Lesnar took Goldberg out with an F5 last week and The Myth will be looking to get some retribution. Lesnar has been booked for every episode of RAW leading up to the show, thus things could get explosive.

Author's take

Predictable is the first word that comes to mind when you think of WWE’s plans for the marquee WrestleMania match. Everyone expects Lesnar to go over Goldberg and that too in a blink-and-you-miss encounter. 

Many legends such as Jim Ross and HBK expect the veterans to pull together a 10+ minute match with Michaels even stating they could go on for 17 minutes (no chance in hell!). We all know Goldberg and Lesnar can’t put on a solid 10-minute match due to their limited move-set and lack of chemistry, which was evident at WrestleMania 20.

And to add to the misery, Orton vs. Wyatt, which is seemingly the best storyline currently across all brands, will be relegated to a lower spot on the card. This completely undermines the importance of the Royal Rumble and goes to show WWE’s dependence on part-timers.

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