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WWE Rumors: Possible plans for a SHIELD Reunion

Will the "Hounds of Justice" unite again to serve their brand of justice?

A SHIELD reunion could even save Roman from the chorus of boos that have been following him for over a year

Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns are three men that have become the major players in the main event scene in the WWE. Coming up from developmental, the three men were a part of a stable, SHIELD, who were initially meant to be mercenaries for CM Punk – the then WWE champion. But things ran a different course and the SHIELD grew to be the most dominant team in recent memory.

From the very beginning, the SHIELD had a very different aura about them. Be it the SWAT vests, the unique entrance or the pack of dogs mentality, it was a fatal combination. Just ask Ryback.

Currently,  all three members have been working as babyfaces, and there are rumors about a SHIELD reunion. However, keeping in mind that the superstars are a part of separate rosters following the brand split, the reunion would have to be at a dual brand pay per view. It could happen at Survivor Series or the WWE creative might just hold it off till Royal Rumble next year. Whenever it happens, it would be a refreshing change to see the SHIELD put the tag team division on notice again after the New Day has commanded our attention and interest for over a year. 

Serving as the “Hounds of Justice”, the SHIELD demolished anyone that opposed their brand of justice. The likes of Daniel Bryan, Kane, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Big Show were all taken down by the SHIELD at some point. Even the mighty Rock and Undertaker couldn't survive the wrath of the SHIELD.

Before long all three members were holding gold. Rollins and Roman were tag champs while Dean was the United States champion. All three were destined for great careers in future and the brotherhood was unbreakable. But then they crossed paths with the Authority. Cracks had begun developing when Roman had eliminated his SHIELD brothers during the Royal Rumble 2014. Then came a series of exhilarating pay per view matches with the Evolution. 

After Payback 2014, Triple H toppled the SHIELD. Seth Rollins sold out – in his words, Seth “bought in” to the Authority and laid chair shots on Ambrose and Reigns. It was a heel turn perfectly planned and executed.

Since then, the three members went their own way, often crossing paths in pay per views. But the cherry on the cake was this year’s Money in the Bank pay per view. It was a night where every member held the WWE Heavyweight Championship (as it was called then). Ever since then, the three have become prominent faces in their respective brands. In fact, Rollins and Ambrose were the first picks for RAW and SmackDown Live respectively with Reigns not too not far behind.

What do you think? Will the SHIELD reunion bring back great memories? Will they go for the tag team belts on RAW or SmackDown? Or will they go hunting for bigger fish?

Let us know in the comments below.

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