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WWE Rumors: Promising backstage news on Drew McIntyre's new push

22 Oct 2019, 18:34 IST

Drew McIntyre was booked to look strong on his return
Drew McIntyre was booked to look strong on his return

Drew McIntyre returned to WWE TV this week on RAW and put on a breathtaking opening match against Ricochet.

Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed the events from the latest episode of RAW on the Wrestling Observer Radio, during which Meltzer revealed the promising backstage plans for Ricochet and McIntyre.

Meltzer stated that the company wants both men to look strong going forward. He also speculated that WWE may finally be ready to get McIntyre over for the top spot on RAW.

Meltzer said:

"I don’t know where they are going but I know what their plans are, I know their plans for both guys are to be strong right now. And I think they (WWE) are probably trying to get McIntyre over for the top spot right now."

Meltzer added that the company wants to get going with McIntyre right now while Ricochet is viewed as a long-term project.

This week's RAW kicked off with Ric Flair delivering a typical Ric Flair promo. The Nature Boy went on to introduce the fifth member of the team, which turned out to be the returning Drew McIntyre.


The Scottish Psychopath cut a generic promo before Ricochet made his entrance for the first match of the evening. McIntyre and Ricochet put on a fast-paced match with a hot crowd cheering every big move and near fall. McIntyre would prevail in the end by getting the pinfall victory over WWE's resident superhero.

McIntyre would go on to unleash a post-match beatdown on Ricochet, by laying him out with a Butterfly DDT and a front slam into the steel steps. The match was designed to put McIntyre over while to also make Ricochet look strong in defeat. 

This was McIntyre's first match since the King of the Ring first-round match in August, which he incidentally lost to Ricochet. Ever since returning to WWE in 2017, McIntyre was earmarked to become a future face of the company and that could become a reality sooner than later. 

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