WWE Rumors: Raw and SmackDown locker rooms split on favors done for NXT talent (Exclusive)

NXT stand tall after Survivor Series
NXT stand tall after Survivor Series
Tom Colohue

Since WWE’s Crown Jewel pay per view on October 31st, Raw and SmackDown have played host to a plethora of NXT superstars. Starting the night after with a SmackDown devoid of their own male talent, NXT would invade and pick up clean, decisive, major victories.

This would start with NXT’s Tommaso Ciampa defeating The Miz and conclude on that show at least with NXT champion Adam Cole defeating multiple-time world champion Daniel Bryan.

While many in the red and blue locker rooms believe that this has been good for business and have been vocally happy to put over their fellows, there are quite a few people who feel that NXT’s ascension has negatively impacted the perception of what was previously termed the main roster.

Sources indicate that some talent have concerns about a lack of screen time similar to when the wild card rule was in operation. There is also a belief amongst a small collective that big name talent have been able to avoid major losses, particular with Daniel Bryan having lost to Adam Cole whereas Seth Rollins did not on the following night’s Raw.

NXT show clear benefits, while Raw and SmackDown do not

Since then, a number of NXT stars have picked up major victories over a number of Raw and SmackDown wrestlers. The Undisputed Era have run rampant and Shayna Baszler has essentially set the agenda around which Becky Lynch and Bayley have orbited. This has added a certain flair to Raw and SmackDown without seriously impacting their ratings.

However, Wednesday nights have seen a bump. NXT, with a large amount of input from names like Bayley, AJ Styles, Becky Lynch, and Seth Rollins has benefitted hugely. Just last week, NXT had a numerical rating advantage over competitor AEW for the first time.

I have been told that Survivor Series was a particular low for some members of the roster. NXT having won the night on double the score of their nearest competitor and four times the score of Raw does paint Raw in a negative light, as was addressed this week on Raw.

“I’m not angry at NXT or any of those guys. I’m angry at the guys who made the decisions. Triple H got handed everything again.”

NXT talent will be sticking to NXT from here on out, at least until Survivor Series comes around next year. While that is the case at current, there is a growing voice suggesting that an NXT match should be on the WrestleMania card.

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