WWE Rumors: Raw superstar in line for monster push (Exclusive)

Paul Heyman
Paul Heyman

What’s the story?

With Paul Heyman arriving as Raw’s Executive Director last week, subtle changes are slowly expected to turn into major changes with the current WWE product.

We’ve already seen signs of this with an unexpected NXT call up, a focus on fresh, young talent, and a large portion of the stage area being destroyed.

One name that’s been brought up to me by WWE sources is Braun Strowman, who is believed to be the next major benefactor of the Paul Heyman treatment.

In case you didn’t know…

In the latest WWE News, Braun Strowman has received a number of stop-start pushes in WWE but has always been treated like a big deal.

His debut alongside Bray Wyatt put him immediately against Roman Reigns. Their feud is probably the best-received work that either man has ever done as per WWE fans. Additionally, Strowman is particularly recognised for blatant and unceasing destruction.

His name was truly made in a segment decided to write Roman Reigns off of TV. Strowman would punish Reigns with three distinct and separate beat downs, most notably flipping an ambulance with Roman Reigns inside.

However, any time Strowman actually reaches the top and lines up against Brock Lesnar, his momentum is harshly reduced. Despite winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, Strowman hasn’t been featured too strongly.

Lately, Strowman has been feuding with Bobby Lashley. The feud has included arm wrestling and a tug of war contest. Essentially, we were about three days away from a pose-off in which both Lashley and Strowman would bend over and spank themselves in their attempts to get over with the crowds.


The heart of the matter

Strowman and Lashley’s feud took a turn for the better on last week’s Raw when Strowman smashed Lashley through a section of the staging area. I have been told that this will not be the pinnacle of the feud.

“The idea is to get Strowman back to his roots as a monster, just destroying everything in his path. He hasn’t been used as effectively as he could be.”

Sources indicate that Heyman, in particular, is eager to see the monstrous side of Strowman return. This makes sense given Heyman’s history; he is a man known to favour intensity in those that he works with. Some of his notable favourites have been Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar, and Ronda Rousey. All of these are on record as saying that Heyman improved their work.

Another source spoke directly as regards Paul Heyman.

“Heyman’s still the same guy who brought you ECW. He likes the technical style but he also likes big, destructive forces of nature. Braun is perfect for that.”

What’s next?

It will become clear in the next few weeks whether this version of Strowman will be just there for the Lashley feud or whether that’s simply the plan going forward. Awkward 'face to heel' and 'back to face' booking has stalled his momentum over the last years but Monday Night Raw remains the land of the giants and a monster among men should be able to go very far.

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