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WWE Rumors - Real reason behind Goldberg's return, huge speculation on opponent revealed

Modified 04 Feb 2020, 18:04 IST


As announced by the WWE on RAW, Goldberg will appear on the upcoming episode of SmackDown to reveal his next opponent. Dave Meltzer confirmed on the post-RAW edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio that the former WCW Champion is returning for a match at the Super Showdown show, which is scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia on 27th February.

Meltzer and Alvarez also speculated regarding Goldberg's opponent for the show. Bray Wyatt's name was brought up and even though the match may not make a lot of sense on paper, it's the biggest match that the WWE can book considering the current landscape of the Blue Brand.

It's surprising to note that Goldberg, despite being a Paul Heyman guy, is being sent to SmackDown and that could indicate a fresh match possibly being in the works for the WWE Hall of Famer.

Baron Corbin is another heel that can go up against Goldberg while a rematch against the returning Undertaker could also be on the cards.

Here's what Alvarez and Meltzer discussed on the latest WOR:

Alvarez: So on RAW, they announced that Goldberg is going to be appearing on SmackDown on Friday and he will be telling us what’s next. So it does sound like he’s either going to Saudi Arabia or WrestleMania or both.

Meltzer: It is Saudi Arabia.

Alvarez: There you go.

Meltzer: That, I know. I don’t know the match, but I’m sure that on Friday night we’ll figure it out. What options are there? I was thinking of Bray Wyatt but that feels like a dumb match to make but it also feels like the most obvious match.


Alvarez: Well, he is going to SmackDown and usually when Goldberg’s doing something it is on RAW unless it’s SmackDown for a reason.

Meltzer: Right, right, right. Especially because he’s pretty much like the Paul Heyman project. So him being on SmackDown is a big surprise. That’s why Bray Wyatt sort of makes sense as there is no other opponent. I mean, they could do a Daniel Bryan match again but he’s beaten Daniel Bryan twice clean. And they have to do something. Roman Reigns is going to be the guy at WrestleMania. So, they got two PPVs until WrestleMania. They got Saudi and then they got Elimination Chamber. One right after the other. So, it’s kind of a weird situation. I mean, what are the heels do they have. It could be Corbin It absolutely could be Corbin.

Alvarez: Oh, god! I mean, it would be a 30-second match. So I guess it’s fine.

Meltzer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, or they could bring back, I don’t think they’d run back The Undertaker match. I mean, it’s possible.

Alvarez: I can actually see them doing the Undertaker match again, just because, I mean, that Undertaker match was horrible but it was horrible after they both got hurt, and for like the first two minutes it really was not that bad. There may be this desire to like, you know, ‘We can do this match right, let’s just do it.’

Meltzer: I wouldn’t be surprised if both guys would want that but the other thing is though, that, when watching it, even though the first two minutes were okay. Even before anyone got hurt, it really did feel watching it that this match was a really bad idea. It’s just not the right mix at all, plus the wrong guy won, realistically, considering what each guy had left in the tank. You know, but that’s like Vince. It’s got to be the Undertaker because of Vince, and you know because Bill Goldberg was a WCW guy. I mean, that is the mentality and I don’t know if he would change. It’s possible, it’s possible if he just kind of accepts it. It’s still WCW guy vs. My Undertaker. He’s still left fighting that fight I mean he is the only one. It’s like those guys they found 20 years later, the Japenese soldiers they found that didn’t know the war was over. That’s Vince now. 

Published 04 Feb 2020, 18:04 IST
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