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WWE Rumors: Reason why Daniel Bryan was allowed to be in production meeting before SmackDown

13 Nov 2019, 04:32 IST

Daniel Bryan, Michael Cole and Stephanie McMahon at the SmackDown production meeting.
Daniel Bryan, Michael Cole and Stephanie McMahon at the SmackDown production meeting.

WWE has been the undisputed leader in the world of pro wrestling for decades and an awful lot of work goes into producing the extensive amounts of programming that the company has to offer.

The company organizes production meetings to plan and discuss the segments, matches and storylines that are featured on its shows. WWE gave the fans a rare peek into one such production meeting which took place for the 20th Anniversary episode of SmackDown.

Surprisingly enough, Daniel Bryan was spotted amongst the officials and agents in the meeting room as part of the WWE Network special - WWE Day Of - that provided behind-the-scenes footage of SmackDown's premiere on Fox.

During the mailbag section of the recent edition of the Wrestling Observer Radio, a question was raised regarding Daniel Bryan's role in the company. Is Bryan a backstage agent now or has he taken up production duties on SmackDown?

Dave Meltzer said that Bryan is one of the select few Superstars who comes up with his own angles and is regarded as a genius backstage, which is why he is one of the few talents or probably the only active talent who is allowed to be a part of the production meetings.

Here's what was discussed on the WOR:

Bryan Alvarez: "This person here says on WWE Network’s Day of SmackDown they show a production meeting and Daniel Bryan is in that meeting, my question is, is he working as an agent or doing production on SmackDown?"
Dave Meltzer: "Daniel Bryan is pretty, what is the word I’m looking for? Daniel Bryan is in his own angles. He is someone who, you know, he’s a genius and he comes up with a lot of his own stuff, so maybe that has to do with it."

The Leader of the Yes Movement is back in a world title programme as he was taken out by The Fiend on the last episode of SmackDown. Bryan and Wyatt are expected to engage in a feud for the Universal Championship, which has quite likely been booked to increase The Fiend's credibility as a Champion.


Was that Daniel Bryan's idea as well? We don't know about that. What we do know is that Bryan is one Superstar who can get a good match out of The Fiend, and we're counting on that.

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