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WWE Rumors: Sami Zayn hurt after his dive on Samoa Joe

Jamie Vaccaro
2.35K   //    06 Mar 2017, 00:32 IST
Sami Zayn takes flight towards Samoa Joe

What’s the story? 

According to a report from, Sami Zayn was a little shaken up on Monday night after diving onto Samoa Joe from the Raw entrance stage.

In case you didn’t know...

Samoa Joe made his Raw debut on January 30th, the night after the 2017 Royal Rumble. On his debut, he beat down Seth Rollins and inadvertently injured The Architect when he took him down to the ground for the Coquina Clutch.

In interviews after the incident, Joe stated that he wasn’t a “Sami Zayn type of guy who’s just happy to be here.” Zayn, of course, took offence to this and cut a promo about it, but was quickly interrupted by a blindsided attack from the Samoan Submission Machine.  

The heart of the matter

This past Monday night on Raw, the two had a pull-apart brawl after the conclusion of Joe’s match with Cesaro. The brawl moved all around the arena and saw a myriad of officials try to separate the two Superstars, who are scheduled to face each other at the Fastlane pay-per-view this evening. 

Officials finally seemed to get the two men far enough away from each other with Sami being pulled towards the entrance, while Joe was down on the floor to the side of the entrance stage. However, Sami Zayn wasn’t done.

It was at that moment that the Underdog from the Underground charged and took flight towards Samoa Joe with a version of his signature Tope con Hilo, or flipping dive over the top rope to the floor.

The Zayn/Joe segment of the video starts around the 2:40 mark of the video. If you watch very closely, when Sami lands, he bounces off of Joe’s chest instead of hitting him in the top of the shoulders and continues with the flip through to his feet, as he usually does.  

It is not said to be a serious injury, as Sami was just shaken up after the rough bump on the concrete. He was just said to be shaken up, but was iced down backstage and was said to be fine after he was tended to some medical treatment.

What’s next? 

Sami Zayn will face Samoa Joe tonight at WWE Fastlane, with the Samoan Submission the favourite to win the match.

Sportskeeda’s take

With the way that the stage is at the Raw entrance, there’s an extra foot or so of space that Zayn had to clear after his dive. Joe may also have been too far away from the stage when Sami took off, or Sami may have misjudged the distance. Either way, we’re glad that Sami seems to be okay and his match with Samoa Joe tonight is actually one that we’re most looking forward to. A potential show-stealer in the making.

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