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WWE Rumors: Slammy Awards not happening in 2016?

The most prestigious award ceremony in pro wrestling will not be taking place this year.

Wrestling’s greatest award ceremony won’t be happening this year

PWInsider reported that there are currently no plans to hold a Slammy Awards 2016 special. However, the report stated that there is still a chance that the award show could be revived sometime in 2017. It was rumoured last year that WWE was planning to shift the award show to Wrestlemania weekend, but that has yet to come to fruition.

The Slammy Awards work on an online voting system through the WWE app. There was a lot of speculation that the awards were fixed and that the polls meant nothing, but Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter confirmed that the voting system and winners were, in fact, legitimate.

Different categories tend to get added every year, but some of the standard categories include, Superstar Of The Year, Female Superstar/Diva Of The Year, Tag Team Of The Year, Match Of The Year, Rivalry Of The Year, and Breakout Star Of The Year, among others.

If The Slammy Awards does in fact not take place this year, it will be the first time since 2004 that the Slammy Awards has not happened. While it was introduced in 1986, it had been on-and-off for 19 years.

Last year, Seth Rollins had won the Superstar Of The Year award:

Nikki Bella won the Diva Of The Year award. The award presentation was done in a manner that parodied Steve Harvey's major error the previous night on Miss Universe:

The expected winner of Superstar Of The Year and Breakout Star Of The Year in 2016 was AJ Styles, while Charlotte would have been expected to win the Female Superstar Of The Year. The awards would have been all the more interesting this year, given the radical nature of change that has taken place in WWE under the New Era in 2016.

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