WWE Rumors: Terrible news emerges for WWE amidst poor ratings situation

WWE can't be happy
WWE can't be happy

What's the story?

WWE has been suffering from a major crisis involving the television ratings for the show. Both RAW and SmackDown have seen a tremendous dip in ratings over the past weeks and it had been reported that Vince McMahon and crew are taking it as a crisis situation.

There seems to be more bad news for WWE which will certainly add to their ongoing woes.

In case you didn't know...

It had been reported that WWE had planned to bring Roman Reigns on RAW in order to help boost the ratings.

Vince McMahon introduced the 'Wild Card' rule on RAW this week, stating that any 3 wrestlers from either RAW or SmackDown can jump ship and appear on the other brand for the week.

This decision has not gone down well with the fans who are blaming the poor writing on the shows for the dip in rating and feel this is only a short-term measure.

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The heart of the matter

As per the Rumor Roundup on, Wrestling Observer Newsletter has stated that due to Raw and SmackDown’s recent ratings slump, television executives perceive wrestling as being “cold” now. That apparently wasn’t the case as recently as a month ago.

This should come as worrysome news for Vince McMahon and he should start focusing more on building an overall good product instead of relying on a few top stars.

What's next?

With the Wild Card rule now in place, it will be interesting to see which Superstars make the jump from RAW to SmackDown this week.

Do you think the Wild Card rule is enough to boost ratings in the long term? tell us in the comment section.

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